Why do I feel strange?


I walk along my road scuffing my trainors on the floor. Why do I feel strange? Something must of happened... but what? Uh, why can't I remember. Sure, I forget things alot but I can always remember them when I want to. I stop stomping my foot. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!

"Hi, Kristen" I turn at the sound of Nick's voice. I find myself begining to blush... wait, why am I blushing? This is Nick for god's sake. I shake my head and smile.

"Hey, Nick. Where you heading?" I ask with a calm, care-free attitude but inside I'm a wreck. My stomachs churning and my hearts racing. What the hell? Has this got something to do with last night? I can't remember a thing.

"The park. Wanna come?" He ask with a cocky smirk. I put a hand on my hip looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "Just friend, seriously" He finishes with a laugh and I join in. It almost comes out like a strangled cat. God, what is wrong with me. We begin to walk and I keep scuffing my trainers like normal.

"Hey, Nick"

"Hmm" he turns and looks at me and I'm shocked to find his dark eyes so hypnotising. I look away and blush.

"Did we bump into each other last night? I just have a feeling we did and I can't remember" Nick comes to a stop at my words.

"You can't remember last night to?" Nick says shocked.

"Why is it important?" I ask finding myself beginning to panic. Oh god, what did I do?!?! It must be important. Oh no, what if I-

"Neither me or Aldric can remember last night either" he says with a shake of his head. "It weird. I didn't get drunk or anything"

I immediatly calm down and let out a sigh. "Well, thats a relief I thought something had happened last night?" I say beginning to walk again.

"Happened? Like what?" Nick asks curious. I blush and begin walking quicker. "What's the matter, Kristen? You seem off"

"Nothing. I'm just annoyed I can't get this strange feeling off my chest" I say with a shake of my head and wave off my hand, dismissing the topic. God, sometimes guys are such idiots.

The End

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