I awoke with a start, cold sweat dripping off my forehead. It wasn't true, was it? I shook my head of the nightmare. No that would be stupid. Slowly I rose from my bed, stood, and stretched. Confused I looked at what I was wearing. I had on my black zip up hoodie, a dark grey shirt with words Demon Hunter emblazoned in crimson, and my blue jeans. Hadn't I changed into my pajamas last night? I shrugged my shoulders, maybe I was just really tired. I headed out into the hallway to the kitchen. After some digging in the pantry I found some bread. 

"Better than nothing," I scoffed. I threw the  bread in the toaster and grabbed a quick drink from the Orange Juice container. As I sat on a stool waiting for my toast I mused at the empty house. I had lived alone for most of my life. I was fine with it, I wasn't exactly a people person any way. BING the toaster chirped as the cooked bread popped up. I took a few nibbles of it before setting it back on the counter. A memory flashing through my mind. Electricity, Flashes of it in blues, reds, and blacks. I felt light headed and tipped off my seat. When I hit the floor, the memory was gone. 

"Whatever I was watching last night..." I said to myself. Quickly I stood, replaced the chair, and headed to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and dressed in new clothes. As I set my pants down a piece of crumpled paper fell out. Curious I opened it and read.

Meet know where. 

That was all it said. I re-crumpled the paper, not really paying much attention to it. With my new Escape the Fate t-shirt and grey jeans on I headed back to the kitchen and retrieved my hoodie. My cell phone was vibrating in my jacket pocket. I grabbed it and opened it. LOW BATTERY it whined. I shut it off  and opened the door. As I stepped outside my door, my foot connected with a puddle of rain. I looked down to see my reflection. Raven colored hair fell past my eyes and hung a little higher than my lips.I had pale skin that made my stormy, emerald green eyes stand out. I looked up down the street and took off for town. 

Once in town I headed for my favorite spot to think, the wolf statue in the middle of Arcadia Park. It only took me a few minutes to sprint there, and when I arrived the park was deserted. I grinned as I climbed next to the statue, resting in front of the metalic animals paws.

"Good to see you old friend." I joked putting my hand to the metal. Sparks erupted between my hand and the statue. I quickly withdrew my hand, what the hell was that? I shook my head, probably just static electricity. I looked at the state again and could see a faint hand outlined in the bronze. Footsteps echoed down the walkway behind of me, I spun around. 

"Oh Zane, hi." Standing in front of me was Zana, almost as surprised as I was. 

"Hi," I said apathetically looking at the blonde haired blue eyed girl. 

The End

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