What would you do if you woke up one morning, and you couldn't remember what happened the night before? What if you soon found out that you'd been made into a military weapon, your body being enhanced by synthetics? Now, you've become... superhuman...


Warmth washed over my blanket-covered body as my eyes fluttered open gently, allowing rays of bright golden sunshine to assault my vision through the only window in my small, rectangular room. I rose from my old, creaky bed and rubbed the sleep from my bright blue eyes while I headed for my bathroom. I walked slowly, dragging my feet across the dark carpeting. When I got into the bathroom, I inspected myself in the long, circular mirror that hung on the wall inches above the stainless steel sink.

In the mirror stood a teenage kid, about fourteen years old with locks of curly blond hair that tumbled to cover his forehead. He tilted his head and ran his slender fingers through his hair and traced his angular features with his other hand. The boy then ran his hand down his arms--he was strong, but not visibly so. This kid was me: Aldric Cavelguid.

I started to brush my teeth, attempting to recall the events of last night. I found the strangest thing happened to me. I couldn't.

Every time I tried to replay the events of my night, I only saw dark, thickening fog, like there was nothing to remember. My memory was clouded, and I couldn't even remember how whether or not I'd gone out to a movie or something with my friends. I washed out my mouth and went back into my room, shedding my clothes so I could put on new ones. The alarm clock that sat on my white bedside table blinked the numbers: 10:03.

After I had pulled on a white shirt, I laced a black belt through the dark jeans I'd just put on, and I sauntered over to my door, padding barefoot down the empty hallway down the spiralling hardwood stairway. I stepped into the kitchen and found my mom making pancakes next to my dad, who was trying to make bacon. I laughed quietly to myself at the failure of a cook who was my father.

"Morning," I said as I sat on the couch in the living room. Out kitchen was placed so that you could see out from it into the living room, which was the room righ next door. There was no door, only spaces where you could just step out into the other rooms. My mother peered over the plants next to the stove to see me.

"Good morning, Aldric," she said with a smile. "Pancakes?"

"Yes, please," I replied. My parents were always like this for me. Always so nice and outgoing.

"Morning, son," my dad said.

"Hey dad!" I answered. "Umm, guys? I have a question." I didn't want to say, I don't remember anything I did last night, can you refresh my memory? so I had to play it cool.

"Yes?" asked my mom while she dished out pancakes onto a glass plate.

"I was hanging out with Nick last night, correct?" I asked. That should be a given. Nick was my best friend, after all.

"You two went to see a movie."

"Which one?"

She turned and looked at me, confused. "I don't know. Why?"

"I was checking to see if you paid enough attention to me. Uh, can he come over later one today? We made plans to hang out." What I'd really meant was: Can Nick come over? I need to talk to him seeing as I can't seem to remember anything that happened last night, not even what fricking movie we saw.

"I don't see why not," she replied. Nick was two years older than me, but he was the first person I'd talked to after I'd moved here from Phoenix. I still missed Arizona, and all of my friends, but withing two months, Nick and I had become best friends.

I went and sat down at the table as my mother put down a plate of pancakes in front of me. Just as she did, my cell phone rang. It was in my pocket, meaning that I'd worn these jeans last night. I found three strange things. One, there was a large hole where my knee poked through. Two, there was a paper in my pocket with the address of a camera photo building with a not on the back that said: You'll see what has become of you. Just tell them your name.

Third, when I picked up the phone, I heard Nick's voice on the other line. "Hey, Aldric? Did we hang out last night?"

The End

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