Morgan: I didn't do it!

   Morgan looked both ways before dashing across the hallway, she was starting to regret coming to this hotel. Sure it had big soft comfy beds and didn't smell like pot but she would rather be in a super 7 then be surrounded by superhero's  that wanted to get her. Morgan hadn't wanted it to go down this way she was just going rest a little before heading to her next big gig. Morgan know as the Viper, wasn't about to let those SuperZero's take her without a fight.

  At first she had planned to escape quitely, she had never excpet the food she had brought to one of the rooms was posioned!  Good God! Martin was going to kill her! If he every knew she was here he would freak! Morgan could just picture what her boyfriend would do to her. And it wasn't pretty. Sure they loved each other fine but Martin had a temper problem. Morgan for one didn't want to be on the end of that temper. Shivering with fear she dashed the hotel's sickroom.  She had noticed that a man walked out cursing.

   Once sure he was gone Morgan had picked the lock sneaking into the room, a woman lay there she looked pained. There was a clipboard with the name 'Nina' written in big blod letters. Morgan took a seat next to Nina, looking over her shoulder every few minutes.

  Nina's eyes had widen with terror when she saw Morgan.

  "Look Nina right? I'm Morgan i didn't mean to posion you. Honest! It's just i did what i was told deliver the food with that room number on it. You understand right? How i need to get out of here right? I haven't done anything to anyone..well except deliver you that food. I'm totall sorry about that you know." Morgan stopped babbling and searched through her pokect looking for the vile she had stuffed in there.  "Umm well i brought you an antidot it will work like magic, my specialty is posion." Morgan found the vile uncapped it and pushed it between Nina's lips making sure she swallowed it all.

  Of course Nina's color returned and Morgan thought she looked alot better.  Morgan got up ready to go.

  "Wait...why did you?.." Nina's voice was weak as she called out to Morgan.

 "..Well..i didn't want to be blamed for something i didn't do.."

 "Then who did it?"

 " I don't know another villian?" Morgan left hurrying out the door.


 From the shadows of the hallway, blue eyes watched Morgan leave the room. The woman frowned, that stupid Morgan had ruined her plans. Tsk! Turning the woman flipped her long slivery-blond hair down her back.

 "Canary!"  The woman turned to hear her named called and pasted a smile on her face. A  SuperHero had walked up to her.

 "Hey have you heard what that villan Morgan did to Nina?" The SuperHero asked not letting Canary say a thing. "She posioned Nina! How awful is that?"

 Canary wanted to laugh at this so called 'Hero'.  The poor man! How stupid he is. She laughed a cold hard laugh.  The Hero looked a little shocked. Canary smiled showing sharp white teeth.

 "Do not worry i am sure that out doctor's can heal her, and for this Morgan...i will deal with her personaly.." Her voice was soft, but told of chaos to come.

The End

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