Justin: Take me to the Count

Someone had impersonated him, stolen his room, was right now enjoying his views.
Justin was not happy at all.
He stalked up the corridor and suddenly a young woman came flying around the corner and nearly flattened him. She stopped abruptly, her black hair tumbling in waves around her face and she looked up at him.
"Oh I'm so sorry." a blush formed across her cheeks but she still looked ill. Justin frowned. "Don't worry about it, what's your name?" She looked confused for a second and then her eyes glazed over. Oh she was definitely sick. She looked at her feet and then behind her, mumbling something, then suddenly she ran off again and she vanished. Weird...

Then Justin remembered where he was and who he was and he realised that he had just let a girl who needed help to vanish. Cursing himself he turned and followed her down the corridor, every so often feeling that he was being watched.
"Now I know why she was running." he thought. "There's evil on the loose." He had to get to Count Lightening, and fast. There was something very very wrong on the superhero plain. In his head he was roaring with laughter. "God Justin, you sound like something out of Star Wars! I sense a disturbance in the force. Hahaha loser ha!" But then he stopped finding it funny as he turned the corner and saw the woman from before, flickering in and out of view, crouched against a wall. A vase levitated nearby and then dropped. So did she.

He ran towards her and then the elevator went ding and gave him such a fright that he did the only thing he could think of to do. He went up.
Two people came out and one of them was frantic, trying to get the unconscious woman to talk to her. Nina she called her... he whispered it to himself, it quite rolled off the tongue. Nina opened her eyes and looked straight up at him. Almost as if she could see right into his soul. He stared back into her big green eyes and then she pointed at him. The two people crouched over her looked up.
"Merda" he swore in Italian.

He dropped to the ground beside them and lifted both his hands "I'm not going to hurt you and I did nothing to her." he said quietly.
They didn't believe him so he continued. "My name is Justin Caprani. Most of you who know me would know me only as Blade. Count Lightning is my Uncle. I need you to let me look at Nina. I think she's been poisoned."
Reluctantly the other woman called Naomi stepped back and let him kneel beside Nina. Her eyes were glazed over again and she was starting to shiver.
Justin placed his hand on her forehead and she cried out as he dove into her memories to try and find out what was wrong with her. He saw the conference, dancing, the hotel room, the girl from roomservice.... he stopped and pulled his hand back. "Morgan." he growled. "So she's behind this."
He lifted Nina into his arms and turned to the others, "I need to get to the Count. NOW." he barked the last word and they both  nodded and Naomi dove back into the elevator and he followed her.

"Nina was supposed to be in an interview." she babbled "The Count thinks that there is no villian and that one of us has gone bad."
Justin grimaced and shook his head. "Oh there is a villian." he replied. "And possibly more then one, wherever you find Morgan, you can be sure Martin will be nearby."
Nina moaned again and turned her head slightly. Justin's expression softened and he looked down at her. "Povero bambino, dimmi dove ti fa mal?"*
Nina's eyes flickered and she whispered "Il mio stomaco ei miei polmoni. Fa male a respirare...fa molto mal."**
Naomi and Billy looked confused so Justin translated. "The poison has affected her stomach and lungs" Nina flickered out of vision again but Justin kept a tight hold of her "And it seems it's also affected her powers. She's very sick, only the Count will be able to tell for sure if it's Tiki poisoning. I'm betting it is but I can't take the chance. The cure for Tiki poisoning would kill her if I'm wrong." He looked down at Nina's pale face. "I don't want to take that chance" he whispered, almost to himself.

*Poor baby, tell me where it hurts?

**My stomach and my lungs. It hurts to breathe, it really hurts.

The End

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