Naomi: stepping out of the elevator

"Are you sure...?" Billy asked, "We can't...we can't go out to eat somewhere?"

Naomi shook her head, "Not today, at least. I just ate today. But what about tomorrow?" Naomi stood in the elevator, waiting for the doors to open. She was standing with Billy, the Kid on Crack. He seemed to really like her, because he followed her everywhere, asking if they could go eat somewhere. It was stating to get rather annoying.

Billy smiled, "Sure!"

The elevator doors opened, and Naomi just caught Nina Nightshade faint. Naomi's eyes widened, "Oh no!" she cried, running to Nina's aid, "NINA! What happened?"

"My...powers.." Nina muttered, "" Nina blinked, "The...girl from roomservice... the man...there..." she pointed at something above Naomi and Billy.

Naomi's eyes widdened and she looked at Billy. They both looked up, and they saw a man.

The End

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