Nightshade: I don't feel so good

Nina hurried down the corridor and turned to glance behind her, almost colliding with a man on his way up as she did so.
"Oh I'm so sorry." she blushed. He looked at her strangely and then smiled "don't worry about it," he replied "What's your name?" she stared at her feet "I uh...em...Nina" she looked behind her again and shivered "gotta go."
He turned and stared after her as she fled down the corridor and then suddenly at some point she vanished. He blinked, nope, she had definitely vanished....weird.

Nina paused at the elevators to catch her breath. "Who the hell is following me?" she wondered. Nina could sense superheros and she definitely knew that what was following her was not a superhero. Nina's biggest problem was that she just couldn't detect exactly where they were, and she also couldnt seem to control her powers properly.
Ever since she'd eaten that food that the girl from roomservice had left in she'd been feeling strange and her powers had been flickering. She could have sworn she'd seen her since then, staring at her. But then again, maybe it was just her over active imagination. She flickered back into visibility again and groaned. A vase nearby levitated for a moment and then crashed to the ground, breaking into bits.
A horrible thought came into her head "What if I can't control my powers and I end up killing someone by accident through mind control? Or I end up unable to switch and I stay invisible for the rest of my life?" Nina felt dizzy.
"Interview." She whispered. "I have to get to the..."
Nina was dimly aware of the guy she had nearly knocked over coming around the corner before she gave in to the powerful drugs that her food had been laced with and taking a few steps forward, she passed out just as the mysterious stranger reached her and the elevator doors opened and Billy and Naomi walked out.

The End

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