Blaze: food time?

Blaze walked into her room and  changed into her normal clothes making sure she strapped her wings to her back once again to stop anyone noticing them. she picked up her shoulder bag and strapped her converse on. walking out the door she saw the room service guy coming along. he looked over at her and she smiled politely, he scowled.

thats strange she thought. he knocked the door a couple down from hers and walked in.

she turned on her heels and heard mumbled conversations from each room. she took the elevator down and stood outside of count lightenings room. she had been waiting there 10 minutes when suddenly Naomi strolled out looking a bit confused.

"Whats up darling?"

Naomi looked up, seemingly not have noticed her stood there.

"Oh its you! ahh nothing just ya know... oh you're not till later now Nina's next"

blaze looked at her "Oh sweeet food time! wanna come?"

The End

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