Count Lightning - Interviews Naomi

"So, your name is Naomi?"

"That's right," Naomi replied. Her response was a little slower than I thought it should have been, so I decided to ask her about her power.

"What power do you have?"

Her response this time came much quicker and with much determination. "I can communicate with people who are in limbo."


"Limbo is the place between Heaven and Hell. I can talk to ones who haven't made it to either place yet."

She was sure of her description, but I doubted it. "Everyone knows there is no such place as hell. It is a story told by preachers to scare their congregations."

Naomi didn't say anything to this statement. I guess she wanted to see where I was going with this.

I continued: "So, I doubt your power. What prevents you from being a hero in disguise?"

The End

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