Captain Lightning: Interviews

Captain Lightning had a plan. He didn't actually believe that there was a villian even though his assistant, a vibe reader, had told him that there was diffinately an evil vibe in the hotel. The Captain thought that it was a superhero gone bad, and he was gonna find out who it was.

The first person he was interviewing was Billy the Kid on Crack. "Name?" he asked.

"Billy the Kid on Crack," Billy answered.


"I can smell drugs."

"How many times have you come here, Billy?"

"A ton, I can't remember how many."

"Do you ever speak with the normal guests here?"

"No, except 'excuse me' and stuff."

"Have you done anything interesting at the hotel?"

"Well, I danced with Naomi Aldwin."

"Good, good." Captain Lightning looked up and said, "You can go now." His next interviewie? Naomi Aldwin.

The End

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