Morgan: Undercover

"Damn! how did these superheroes get to know that im here?", wondered morgan as he paced up an down in his suite. Just a minute ago, he had been relaxing in his tub, when he saw a vision of the occurances at the super-hero conference. One of his super powers was to be able to read minds and he loved reading the minds of the superheroes and thinking of diabolic ways in which to torment the world without their interference. but yet, he was worried as he was all alone in a hotel full of disgusting super-heroes. he absolutely loathed them and they were sure to finish him off if they knew he was there. just then, there was a knock on the door. "Roomservice!", a cheerful husky voice called out . this was it! Morgan's ticket to safety. he could simply pose as roomservice and they would never be able to find him. there was another knock and the same voice called out with a hint of apprehension, " Is anyone there?". The roomservice boy used his set of duplicate keys and walked in but just as he shut the door behind him, something hit him on the back of his head. the blackness engulfed all around and soon, he was out cold. Morgan had used the same old 'jump up on the ceiling when they come in and then land back down on them' trick, one of the most basic tricks taught at Venemous Villians (the elite villian school that he had graduated from) . he quickly put on the waiter's blue and red suit and draged him into the closet and locked the door. then he went outside and casually strolled down the corridor, wheeling the cleaning cart.

'that was a piece of cake' , he thought. "now i have access to all the rooms in this hotel." he smiled to himself as the fingered the set or duplicate keys that happliy jingled away in his pocket.


The End

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