Billy: Staring

Well, well, well, who was this gorgeous babe? Billy thought.

"What's going on?" she leaned over and asked. Her breath smelled like peppermint.

"There's a villian on the loose in the hotel," he told her.

She gasped and snapped her head around to listen to what Count Lightning was saying. Billy tuned in too.

"... pool, check the workout room, talk to room service and housekeeping. Use your powers and find out who is here and what they want." The Count turned away from the mike and the music started back up.

"Do you... wanna dance?" Billy asked the mysterious female shyly.

"Sure," she said, extending her hand. He took it and led her onto the dance floor just as a slow song turned on. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He placed his hands firmly on her waist.

"My names Naomi," she told him. "I can travel into limbo."

"Cool," Billy said in awe. "All I can do is smell drugs."

"You must be Billy the Kid on Crack," she said, her eyes lighting up. "You aren't a kid."

Billy blushed. The song ended and Naomi stepped away. "What do you say we work on this little mission together?" she suggested.

"Okay," Billy said, a little too quickly.

"Cool." She walked away, leaving Billy alone on the dance floor.


The End

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