Nina Nightshade

Nina uncrossed her long tanned legs and stretched before she stood up and walked over to the main desk.
Quite a few people had arrived already and she had watched them with amusement as she sat (completely invisible I might add) in one of the big luscious armchairs that decorated the main lobby.

Billy was here, she could sense him. Then there was a girl that had seemed close to having a temper tantrum and Nina could smell fire off of her as she had walked past. It was amusing to watch people when they were unaware that they were being watched. The boy was the funniest though, the reaction of some people to him was priceless. Nina had long learned never to judge a book by it's cover. That's what so many people did to her, leaving her feeling alone a lot of the time, and this was one of the main reasons she had chosen to accept the invitation to the superhero conference, she was hoping to find friends among her own kind.

As someone walked into her and looked around in surprise, Nina realised that she was still invisible. She shimmered into existance as she walked and a few people did a double take as she appeared from what they had previously seen as thin air.The woman behind the desk was new and she seemed a little unnerved as she watched Nina approach.

"I have a reservation for room 416" her voice was low and had the hint of an Italian accent "I'm here for the conference." The woman nodded and checked her book quickly. "Ah Welcome to The Superhero Hotel Miss Nightshade" she handed Nina the keycard. Plucking it from her fingers, Nina flashed a beautiful smile. "Thank you." Turning around she glided across the lobby towards the elevator, her long black hair billowing around her like a cloak. She attracted quite a few stares from people as she walked and as though she suddenly realised this fact, she once again vanished, the only indication of her whereabouts being the elevator doors opening suddenly and then closing again, moving upwards with no apparent passenger.

The End

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