Morgan: the lone Villian

 i snorted how the hell did i get here?

   The SuperHero Hotel wouldn't have been my first choice for a place to stay.Since i am a Villain, staying in the same place as SuperHeros was a bomb waiting to explode. But it was either here or super 7 across the street. So with a little bit of fake ID and a blond wig i had gotten into a nice sweet for the same price as the dirty room they would have given me at super 7.

 I sat in the huge bathtube in my room soaking happily. Aww. This is the life! long hot baths with a glass of red wine on the side. I could get used to this. Taking a sip of the wine i smacked my lips.

  "Woah! This is good wine!" i made a mental note to steal some bottles of wine these when i leave later. I grabbed the room serivce menu that was placed nicely nexted to the tub.

  "Chicken or Steak?" I decided on the chicken. Picking up the phone (also place next to the tub) I ordered the chicken and another bottle of red wine.

 God! How i love this hotel!

The End

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