Blaze: But i phoned ahead?!

She strolled in the revolving door and walked up to the counter just as a scruffy fellow walked away towards the elevator.

"can i help?" the lady across the desk said

"Urmm yeah im here for a room?" she flicked her pink and blonde hair over her shoulder.



"im sorry but theres no reservation"

Blaze looked at her. "what? there should be... im here for the superhero conference"

The lady looked at the list again. "nope im afraid not"

"i phoned yesterday and a woman, maddie or maggie, her name was, told me i'd have a room ready" Blaze's eyes began to itch - as usual when she got the slightest bit angry her eyes became fire. she pinched the bridge of her nose and counted to 10. opening her eyes they were back to there usual colour again and she smiled politely over the counter to the lady.

"I really did phone yesterday... i have no where else to go now" she put on her sad face "i guess ill just have to find somewhere else to stay" she began to walk away from the counter when suddenly the woman stood up.

"oh yes!" she cried quickly pencilling in something on the list "you're in room 206! i must have missed it"

Blaze turned on her heels and gave her a greatfull smile. "thank you ever so much"

The woman smiled "its not a problem" she gestured to the trolley boy stood by the elevator "do you need any help finding your room or with your luggage?"

Blaze looked around and picked up her small bag. "oh no thank you... i'm sure ill be fine" she gave a small smile then scurried along to the elevator. She stood in the elevator, her wings strapped against her back so as not to get damaged when people hurriedly stuffed themselves in. Blaze was a good actress when it came to wrapping people round her finger...

The End

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