I stare in shock at Miss Kilin, having lost the ability  move. As the other students begin to mutter about me. Eventually, I find the will to move and begin to look around for the missing student.

Casting my eyes around the back row, I notice no missing person and so move my eyes down to the row below. Still nobody missing. Then, in the second row, an abnormality greets me. Tabitha Winters is sitting alone. Her best friend since the first day here is not beside her. Instead is a first year guy whom I take to be her brother. I feel my eyes begin to prickle as a tear makes its way out my left eye and trails a road of sorrow down my face. 

Layla Downs. Sweet, bubbly Layla Downs. Dead. Gone. Too be forgotten. In an instant, the pain and sorrow vanishes to be replaced by instantaneous anger. 

They murdered Layla Downs in cold blood. All she could do was create illusions. Nothing dangerous and they took her life away from us. 

As my anger rises, I feel my firm grip on the elements loosen and feel myself beggining to boil from the inside. Indeed to release the elements before they kill me. 

Looking over, I see, at the other end of the hall, chairs and tables floating in the air as kids try to release their powers. I copy them .

I release the floodgates, allowing wind to escape over to the chairs where it begins to form a mini hurricane, whirling the chairs about as the telekinetic a try to regain control. 

Next, out comes water, a wave of stormy sea shooting from my hands and joining the hurricane, creating sunamic waves which destroy the chairs, ripping them apart. 

I allow earth out next, watching as the ground begins to shake and tremble, the teachers begin to lose their balance at the ferocity of the three elements. 

Before I can release fire, I feel someone's hands on my shoulders and the unfamiliar sensation of my anger being drained out of me. As the anger goes, the elements go with it. The shaking in the ground slows to a stop. The wind sets the airs down, and return back to me. The water calms, stops destroying everything and also returns. 

With my breathing back under control, I turn to see the empath, Gerrie Adams smiling down at me. 

"Slowly." He says before running over to a third year who is starting to steam at the ears. I turn to my friends, tears returning to my eyes. 

At the end of the row, Leo is watching the mayhem, a slight crease in his brow as his eyes pass over the second year row. 

Next to him, Jessie sits stock still, unable to comprehend what has happened, eyes locked on a spot on the wall. 

In between Jessie and me, Aaron is looking down at the teachers, sorrow plain on his features. 

On the other side of me, tears are already streaming down Arielle's cheeks as her shoulders shake at the pressure of keeping the sobs at bay. I know I am not far away from the same situation. 

"Calm!" Mr McGarret roars from the podium. An imediate silence falls as every student turn to face him, he turns to the head teacher.

"Due to this horrible fact, we have decided to allow self defence classes for years one and two. Fourth years, with the help of The Captain will train the younger students." She pauses, nodding towards the captain, a tall, muscular, brown haired man who acknowledges us all quickly. "If any one wishes to help in the training, see The Captain by this time next week." 

With the timetables handed out, we were dismissed. Everyone in a daze headed to their rooms. 

"So," Leo begins as we head up the stairs, walking backwards so as to see us all. "We going to join up?" 

Jessie stares at him incredulously before rushing past him, glaring. 

"Not right now." I tell Leo as I follow Arielle to the right, our room. Aaron goes after Leo to the left. 

In our room, we sit on the beds look at each other. 
"I can't believe it was Layla Downs." Arielle says sadly, leaning back on her bed. 

"I know, her and Tabitha were immediate matches. Poor Tabitha." I add, lying down in bed and staring at the white ceiling. "I want to know who did it. I ever get my hands on the sucker, he will regret the day his lungs received their first breathe of air." I snarl as I close my eyes.

Quiet murmurs of ascent come from the other side of the room as I fall into oblivion. 

The End

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