Jessie: Asked Out

Dinner was a collection of food like it always was the first night back and it wasn't the typical school food I use to have. I picked at it annoyed by the grease oozing of it even the salad that had too much dressing.

Chatter moved round the table with a gentle ease. I listened in but didn't much contribute. That was when Tyrone came over. "Hey" he said. Everyone looked at him before slowly returning his greeting. Tyrone sat in the free seat next to me and Aaron across the table clenched his fists. "Did you finish that book?" 

I looked at Tyrone and blinked then remembered telling him about a book I had read over the holiday. "Yes, did you read it?"

"I tried it" he said leaning in to my space which made me tense a little. I mean he was getting in my space. No one got in my space. "Wasn't my sort of thing"

"Didn't think it would be" I said turning back to my food and pushing it around the plate to ignore my irritation. Leo was fidgeting in his seat across the table having a very intense conversation with Aaron. I frowned and tried to listen in but I couldn't hear them.

Especially not over Tyrone rambling on about how he participated in a tournament over the summer and how he won. Honestly I didn't think boxing was worth time spent especially tournaments. "Hey, I was also wondering if you'd like to come to the end of year dance with me"

The table went suddenly quiet and everyone looked at Tyrone then me. I looked at Tyrone confused. "What?"

"You and me. Go to the dance together" he said then laughed awkwardly.

"But that's for couples" I said then started eating again.


I looked back to Tyrone who didn't seem to get what I meant. I frowned wondering how he did not get it. "We aren't a couple. So why would I go with you?"

"I'm asking you out, Jessie" he says seeming to get annoyed.

I blinked. He was asking me out? But that didn't make any sense. We'd only gone for a coffee. He was just a friend. "But we're just friends"

Leo chuckled from across the table. "God, you're thick" he said rudely.

"Hey!" I said offended but also at a lost to how I was being thick. Leo shook his head and I clenched my fists turning to Tyrone. "Sorry but we are only friends. I can't go to the dance with you"

Abandoning my plate I storm off leaving everyone in shock.

The End

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