Emilia: Newbies

As I take a walk around the school grounds, I am unable to stop the disappointment forming in my gut. I had been looking forward to a fight with Leo as he always pushes us until we are unable to move. I love training until I am unable to train any more. The feeling of absolute fatigue. 

As I round the school, I walk over to a large cherry tree and stand in the shade, turning to look at the side of the massive, creme coloured building. The breeze is light but warm bringing with it the sound of constant chatter and occasional car engines. The smell of the pure, flowered air fills my nostrils as I close my eyes, leaning back on the firm trunk of the large pink tree. 

A twig snapping brings me back to the present to see two first years walking the side of the building, watching me. 

"Afternoon!" I say cheerfully to them. Something they take as an invitation to come closer. 
"You were amazing back then!" The slight, fair haired female told me, her light blue eyes wide. 

"Thanks. What is it you two can do?" I asked, my head tilting slightly to the side. In answer, the small, dark haired boy vanishes from sight. I grin lopsidedly and raise an eyebrow. 

"Manipulation of the light squadron" I say appreciatively as he pops back into view, a large grin on his face. "Perfect for hide and seek" I tell him. 

"I can see and control electricity fields." The girl answers, smiling. I grin, an idea sparkling in my mind.

"You able to use the Internet?" I ask her to which I receive a slow nod. "No cheating allowed." I answer, grin growing. The girl looks confused for a second before realisation dawns. 
Her face turns into one of mischievous glee. 

"Of course I won't" she tells me in a high girls voice. I nod, fighting back a grin. 
Our chatter is interrupted by the dinner bell. Four quick rings one after each other in the space of five seconds. 

"What is that?" The first years ask, confusion filling their faces. 

"Dinner." I answer with a smile as I get of the tree and walk back towards the school.
Walking in the double doors, a tiled flooring leads onto two staircases. Under the large arc they make, is a dark red door leading into the assembly. To the right is a large white door leading to the cafeteria.I turn to my right, following the students already streaming in. 

In the cafeteria, a large white clothed table sits in the centre piled high in food. Around it are ten tables each sitting up to eight people. Most of the tables are already full and a quick glance around shows me the twins and Jessie sitting at a treble to my left, I leave the two first years gaping and join my friends as Leo comes back from the table, a plate loaded with food. 

"It will be assembly after this again, won't it?" I confirm once I have my own plate sorted. 
"Yeah," Jessie replies, taking a drink of her water. 

"And receiving our timetables" I add, a smile returning to my face. 

"Yes. I hope we don't have Physical on Monday. I wouldn't be able to handle Mr McGarrett on a Monday," Arielle says, glancing over at the teacher table at the top of the hall. I look over myself to see the teacher in question glaring at the surrounding tables. I shudder. 

"Please. If there is a higher being up their, please do not give us him on a Monday," I add, eyes closed to add affect which works. The twins burst out laughing and Jessie manages a smile. I grin.

Mission accomplished. 

The End

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