Leo: Restlessness

How dare that brat just up and leave like that! And right after I actually decided to join the stupid training match, just so I could have at least some fun in this boring school!

Roommate or not, I would make sure Aaron paid for this. Someone was not going to have a good night’s sleep today.

The girls were chatting about something or another, and I think Emilia was talking to me, but I wasn’t listening at all. All I could feel was the rage boiling beneath my skin, muscles twitching and fingernails digging into the palm of my hands.


Before I could do anything I would regret later, I turned away from the two and faced the crowd of students that had gathered around us, expecting a battle.

“What are you looking at? Show’s over!” I barked.

Some of the first years and even fourth years actually flinched and stepped back when they found themselves the target of my scowl, something I usually thought pretty amusing and satisfying. I’ve always been known for my temper and there were a lot of famous stories about me regarding my so-called ‘fits’, some more ridiculous than others.

Snatching the bag off the ground where I’d dropped it when I accepted Emilia’s offer, I threw it over my shoulder and stomped forward, the remaining students scattering to let me pass.

It didn’t take long to find my room. Of course, Aaron wasn’t there, probably still hanging around with Jessie. Didn’t see the fun in that, personally. As far as I knew, all the other brunette did was study and train; didn’t talk much either, but I never had any problem with that.  

Still feeling stressed out, and after breaking both the door handle and one of the picture frames on the wall (by accident, though I doubt anyone would believe that), I decided to take a quick bath to get rid of all the beach sand that still clung to my skin and hair.

Not bothering to unpack my things, which weren’t that much really, I slumped down on the foot of the bed and began a staring contest with the ceiling, sneaking glances at the clock from time to time. I would get up, pace the floor, doo push-ups, lift the bed and everything else I could move without smashing it to pieces, look out the window, explore the closet and cabinets, stretch, do breathing exercises and anything else I could think of.

Still, time passed, the sky outside took on darker hues, but not a sign of my dark haired roommate.

Frustrated and unable to explain to myself why I was even waiting for the boy in the first place, I growled, fished out my earphones and music player, grabbed my jacket and left the room.

Forget Aaron, I had to leave the building and do something, even if it was just a stroll through the woods, or else I would go insane.


The End

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