Jessie: Back To Gym

The training people were doing was basically throwing one another about trying to win. They weren't practicing much skill I thought more just the brute strength of their abilities rather than training.

"I'm gonna go to the gym" I said as I passed my four friends all crowded with one another jabbering on about who was going to win next. Well obviously the twins they were like ying and yang. Their abilities slotted together and formed a perfect, and lethal, combination.

"Hey, wait. I'll come with you" Aaron called.I stopped and turned halfway to wait watching them.

"But, Aaron we were going to kick Leo and Emilia's ass!" Arielle called as Aaron jogged over to join me.

"I'm just gonna hit the gym with Jessie for a while maybe tomorrow!" His voice rose as we got further away till he finished. He looked across at me and smiled. "So how was your summer?"

"Quiet" I said simply. I'd spent most of it training and reading up on books for this year. This... Final year. My heart sunk again at the horror of being let out free into the world. No, I didn't want that. It wasn't me at all. I preferred the stability of the life I had built here and not the unpredictable one I would soon have forced upon me.

"Leave the grounds at all"

"I left to have that coffee with Tyrone" I muttered musing over the event in my mind. Tyrone was a guy in our year with flash speed and thunder. He like me spent a lot of time in the gym and just before the end of the year.

Aaron tensed. "Oh yeah" he muttered.

"We went for coffee then we actually ended up seeing a movie" I said then stretched as we reached the school. Aaron opened the door for me and I stepped in turning to face him walking backwards casually for the stairs. "Bit boring really. Not my sort of thing"

"Really? So you're not seeing him again?"I turned as we reached the stairs as we started to head down.

"Well he asked me to sit with him at dinner but I said no cause I'm sitting with you guys. So he asked to sit with us and I said sure"

"Brilliant" Aaron said with a sigh.We reached the lower level and moved into the gym. I went for the treadmill and so did he.

"Why do you like Tyrone?"

"What? No"

I frowned not yet turning on the treadmill. "Then why is it brilliant"

"I was being-" he began but cut off when he looked at me. I tilted my head and waited for him to finish. "Doesn't matter"

I shrugged still a little confused but never the less turned on my machine and starting with a gentle jog.

The End

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