Emilia Ringmay: An observed practice.

After saying our goodbye to Miss Scott, Jessie and I headed outside to watch students arriving.

Over at a large tree in the centre of the grounds, I spotted the twins, Aaron and Arielle. 

"Jessie, there's Aaron and Arielle!" I exclaim in a rush and, without waiting for a reply from my quiet friend, I rush over to the twins. 

"Hi Arielle, Aaron!" I say as I come within hearing range of them.

They turn to me, irritated looks turning into grins.

"Hey Emilia." They say.

"Hi Arielle, Aaron." Jessie says from behind me.

"Fancy some practice?" Aaron asks, glancing at the clear area around us.

"Yeah sure," I say, glad to get to use my talents again after so long.

"I'll do some practice myself." Jessie says.

"Alright." I say, knowing she prefers to work alone. 

Turning to the twins, I grin.

"Who's up for a match?" I challange, knowing full well they will both agree.

"Me." They say at once.

"All righty then." I say, grinning. 

Then, whilst still staring straight at them, I twitch the fingers on my right hand, calling the wind towards me. Willingly, almost greedily, the wind obeys, ruffling my short t-shirt as it surrounds me. I flick with my wrist, and a gust of wind pounces over to the twins.

Aaron's face splits into a grin as he waves his hand, I feel rather than see him slow down the time around the wind, in time for a black hole to appear, swallowing the wind. 

On pure gut instinct, I jump to the side, knowing Arielle's portal is going to reopen beside me. The wave rushes past me, missing my arm by inches.

Narrowing my eyes, I rub my hands together, igniting flames in them. I separate my hands and grin as I send each flame out, shooting towards each of the twins.

Unfortunately, Aaron yet again waves his hand, causing the flame speeding towards him to slow in its tracks. The one heading for Arielle finds itself shooting through one portal and reappearing out another, hitting the slower flame, causing them both to burst brightly before fading into nothing. 

I look away from the flames in time to see the twins step through a portal. My eyes narrow. Cheats. On instinct, I turn on my heel to see them standing, grinning at me. 

An audience has come around, watching us practice. Among them, I spot a few from the last years and more new comers, watching in awe.

I bend down to the grass and send a wave over to Aaron, telling the grass to grow around his legs, trapping him where he is. 

I then send lift my hand up, and, feeling water obey, I sent it towards Arielle who sends it straight back at me. 

Unfortunately, I get drenched. I grin at the twins. 

"It's on!" I say as Aaron frees himself from the grass, a small knife being placed back into his pocket, and steps thought another portal, further from me, next to Arielle, both of them grinning ear to ear.

I turn to the crowd which has grown in the time it took.

"Watch and learn!" I tell them as I lift the air underneath me, causing me to lift nice and gracefully into the air. 

I bring forth five flames of fire and shoot them towards Aaron, as soon as they are gone, I send an earthquake over to Arielle, strong enough to knock her down, bad move for her.
Immediately, the grass entwined round her body, trapping her. Aidan, having stopped the flames long enough for him to get away, runs over to his sister, knife in hand,

"Oh no you don't!" I say as I jump back down to earth, whipping the air in my hand into a strong knife. For fairness, I add a little water onto the knife, creating a blue, dripping knife that Aaron is able to see.

Aaron's smile widens as he sees me coming towards him.

"Have you been doing any practice this summer?" He asks, knowing full well I won't have.

"Nope," I answer honestly as I step into range, my grin seemingly cemented into place, knowing my eyes have changed from their pale pink into the dark blue of the water. 

"Not good for you." He says, smiling as he lunges forward, aiming for my mid section.
I bring my own knife down, cutting his arc to low.

"Predictable." I reprimand him, he only brings it back up, aiming for my unprotected arm. 

A hard cushion of air forms itself over my arm, a large clash made as his knife makes contact.
A punch to my back causes my footing to stumble, the air of cushion to collapse and Aaron's knife digs into my arms.

I had forgotten about Arielle. Quickly, I turn around, arm already raised aiming for her head but instead, meets a portal. Too late to stop the path, I groan just as my arm reappears behind me, hitting almost the exact same spot as Arielle had. From behind, Aaron grabs the arm holding my knife and pulls it behind my back.

"You are growing sloppy." Arielle tells me simply, grinning.

Refusing to be beat, I bend my legs back, leaving Aaron holding my whole weight. He quickly drops my arm and I jump up, step back, and eye the twins.

"Two on one is hardly fair." I complain as the take a step towards me. Arielle already preparing to open another portal.

The familiar headache from over exerting myself starts to form at the front of my head.

"You are hardly going to give up, are you?" Comes a male voice from behind me. I recognise it immediately as Leo's. 

"Me, give up? Have you completely forgotten who I am in your time away?" I ask, turning to the broad, extremely strong  Leonardo Jones famous fully for his strength.

"Welcome back" I tell him as Jessie decides to come over, saying a simple hello to him.

"Care to join?" Arielle asks, turning to Leo.

I turn to him expectantly waiting on a reply.

The End

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