Arielle: Brother's Suitcase

Arielle Flay

“Aaron! I thought you were driving!” I shouted waiting by the car for my stupid brother.

“Coming!” He shouted as he ran out of the house.

“What took you so long?” I glared at him, clearly annoyed by the fact that he as a boy took longer than me, a girl, to prepare.

“Nothing. I had to shave.” He replied still buttoning his shirt.

“Yeah and you shave everyday. You were in particularly late today.”

“Oh, give me a break Arielle. Sometimes guys gotta pamper themselves too. Are we going to get going or are you going to continue interrogating me?” He pointed at the drivers door I was blocking. I moved out of the way.

“Get going.” I climbed in the car with him and we drove off to school. Actually, more like we portaled to school. I opened a portal 2 feet from the car and the other at school. The car was just to help carry all our stuff.

“Nice.” Aaron gave me mischievous grin.

“Shut up.” I glared at him. Last time we portaled here, I accidentally opened the portal on the front lawn of the school. It was rather embarrassing. “Next time you can try opening a portal miles away.”

“I can’t. So don’t ask me to.” We got out of the car and picked up our stuff.

“After you settle down with the others, we should meet by the tree to practice. I think we’re getting a little rusty.” Aaron pointed to the regular tree we always grouped up at.

“I know where the tree is.” I said rolling my eyes before heading off to the girls dorms. Brothers.

I walked into the familiar mansion and pushed open the door to my room. Or our room. It was cluttered with things already. I threw my suitcase down. I sat down on the couch glad that I was finally back when I realized something about my suitcase. Why was I using Aaron’s suitcase? I groaned as I went over to unpacked everything. Clothes, books, papers. Everything. Then, I grabbed my now empty suitcase and took it out with me to go meet Aaron back by the tree. Stupid brother was going to have some explaining to do.

The End

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