Jessie Seyleys

Usually the mansion was empty but this Saturday there was going to be a constant flow of returning students and first years. My friends would be among the people returning today. Before this whole situation I had been a loner with not one person to call friend. Then when my family had learnt of my... Abilities they had thrown me out left me to wander at the young age of fourteen until I stumbled across Jean Kilin. She had known what I was straight away.

Told me she knew a place I could be safe. The school.... It had become my home over the past 3 years but this year.... It would be my last and that felt odd. Knowing I would be going out into the world after so long and not coming back wasn't something I was at all looking forward to.

Back to the present though. I didn't like to let my mind stray to dark thoughts so I thought about my plans for the day. Currently I was in the gym working to build muscles. Muscles I needed if I wanted to grow my power of telekinesis. If I couldn't lift it physically then I couldn't lift it with my gift. 

I guess basically my power allowed me to extend my reach. With my healing it was a lot different. I could heal almost anything except death wounds. All I had to do with that was run my fingers over the injured area. Even headaches weren't a problem these days.

"Training I see" commented a voice from the doorway. I looked up from doing my sit ups to find the combat teacher, Jonathan, watching me from the door. 

"I need to keep in shape, sir" I said getting to my feet and grabbing my towel which I had laid next to me and used to wipe my face clean of sweat.

Jonathan nodded in approval. "Dedication like you show will do that" he said then left. Glancing at the clock I saw the hand moving closer to twelve. I should really get back to the room I thought so grabbed my stuff doing just that heading up four flights of stairs from the basement to the third floor.

I let myself in and couldn't help but glance to the two empty beds that were meant for my friends. They'd be here soon. I put my training stuff away and took a shower allowing the warm water to calm my aching body. I got out and moved to dress when I saw something lying on my desk.

"Shoot" I whisper remembering the paper Joan Stuart had set us for power class. Tugging on a simple shirt and some jeans I sat myself down at my desk and started to write. I was half way through it when Emilia arrived. 

"Hi, Jessie!" She said her voice full of cheer and joy.

"Hi" I basically replied carrying on with my work. I wasn't really ignoring her but I had to get this done and I wasn't much of a chatter box. I came to the last section and rushed it gathering the papers together and getting up. "I'm going to hand my powers paper in"

"I need to hand mine in to, mind if I tag along?"

I was already out the door when I replied "No" but I guess she heard me cause along she came. I was actually glad not to be alone even though I wouldn't ever express that fact.

The End

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