At Last

as mutations go wrong, more young humans find them selfs gaining more than what is expected during puperty.
five of these teens, Emilia, Jessie, Leo and twins Arielle and Aaron are in their last year at the school for special talents. but an unexpected danger makes itself ware half way through this year.
Will these five survive or is their last year in not only school, but life as well?

"Emilia, hurry up or you will be late!"

The call from my young, too enthusiastic to get rid of me, mother causes me to spring into action.

My book finds itself dumped on my bed as I run, avoiding the obstacles of various books, towards my bedroom door.

Leaving the door wide open behind me, charge down the stairs and skid to a halt mere centimetres from a large collision with the front door.

"Is the taxi here already?" I ask the slowly retreating form of my mother as I run to the sitting room, glancing out the window to see a black cab waiting on me.


My heart leaps. Finally, I can go back.

My mum, an exact mirror image of me, walks back into the hall, her arms wide open waiting on a hug. Willingly, I step forward, and wrap my arms around her, she mirrors the action.

I feel myself relax in my mothers gentle embrace. I won't feel it again for another ten months.

"Bye mum." I say, turning away, to hide the stinging in my eyes, the only difference between the two of us.

"Goodbye honey, have fun." She answers warmly.

Picking up my one large suitcase, I open the door and walk out as a youngish taxi driver steps out the cab.

The taxi driver, Alec according to his badge, puts my suitcase in the boot then opens the passenger side.

I raise an eyebrow but enter the taxi, preparing for the hour long drive to my school.

"Looking forward to school?" Alec asks as he starts the taxi and drives down the road, away from home.

"Yep." I answer cheerfully, turning to look at him. He senses, turns to me and grins, bright blue eyes boring into my sunglasses curiously.

The rest of the taxi ride goes smoothly, with Alec trying to make conversation.

As the large, three storied building that is home to thirty odd students and nine teachers comes into view, a smile sneaks onto my face.

This is my home. With others like me.

After paying Alec and giving him a generous tip, I head straight to the third floor, containing all the dorms, and find the one with my two best friends name on it, Jessie, Arielle and lastly, my name, Emilia.

A wave of excitement greets me as I reach to the door handle, open it and step in to find dark brown haired Jessie Seyleys sitting at her desk, writing something.

"Hi Jessie!" I say, allowing my excitement to follow through into my voice.

"Hey." She replies, continuing to write.

I walk over to my own bed, dump my suitcase on it and take off my sunglasses, allowing my pale pink eyes to show through

The End

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