Home run

The wood was, as ever, serene and beautiful. Trailing lichens hung from smooth-barked limbs, occasionally reaching the stony ground below. It was misty, though, and that made it a little harder but I could handle a little extra challenge. I came across an ancient silver birch, not long dead, and feeling the thickest branch, I teased apart the fibres and fashioned myself a bat. Pretty hefty, straight, nice and strong.


Hadn't gone five paces when I heard the tell-tale whistle. Immediately I was alert, spinning around, bat raised. It belted toward me. The air sang as it passed through, barely having time to move out of the way. I swung, the bat instantly disintegrated, shattering into thousands of burning splinters. The dull-grey ball was already out of sight, flying at twice the speed it had come at me, I was faster though. I reckoned I had five minutes before it landed, or perhaps three before Mue caught up with it and put me out. I could almost see a dash of yellow darting into the sky after the ball. One minute to find and get to first base...


The End

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