Even Wizards...

He grasped the handle of his wand and took a deep breath through the slits that acted as his nose. He took a look around at his surroundings as his feet touched gracefully on the ground. He dismounted off his broom and looked up to the bright yellow symbol that seemed to be in the sky. He pulled his robes closer to his body and walked around the back of the building to the front door.

He inhaled yet another deep breath before opening the glass door and walking into the building. Happy chatter filled his ears, making him clench his teeth in disgust. He walked briskly to the nearest man behind a table, his hand on his wand the whole time.

“Yes?” The man asked, leaning forward to hear the reply.

He narrowed his eyes. “Can--” He paused and sighed. “Can I get a Big Mac meal with large fries and a Diet Coke?”

The McDonalds worker keyed in his request. “Would you like that supersized?” the teenager asked, his voice breaking at the end of his question.

Voldemort sighed and felt his stomach beneath his robes. “Yeah, why not.”

The teenager touched the screen once more. “That’ll be $25.95, please sir.”

Voldemort rolled his eyes and reached into his robes, touching his wand as a force of habit, then moving to his wallet. He tipped a few gold pieces into the teenager’s hand.

The teenager raised an eyebrow. “We only take dollars here, sir.”

Voldemort sighed and snatched the galleons from the pimply teenager. “Don’t worry about my order, I’ll go and get some Fish ‘N’ Chips instead.”

And with that, He Who Must Not Be Named walked out of the McDonalds store, mounted his broom and soared over the yellow shining ‘M’ symbol in the sky.

The End

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