I stared at my empty locker. I tried using medication to stop the pain I’ve been feeling, my hands continued to shake though. I closed my locker and turned round to see Alexa to walk out of the toilets crying, I wondered what was up. In the corner of my eye I saw Kai, I knew then that Alexa would be fine, Kai’s a great guy.

 I’m Gerrard, I have black flat hair, I’m round about 5’8, I live with my dad as my mum left when I was 3, I haven’t seen her since. About a week ago weird stuff has been happening to me, I have been shaking a lot, getting fevers and schizophrenic at times. I decided not to tell my dad as we don’t really talk to people personally I don’t really bond with people so I don’t really have friends to talk to about this kind of thing. No-one has gotten anything like this before, so I think I might be developing a power of some kind.

I watched Kai walk up to Alexa and start to talk, I continued to watch them talk a little bit, after a couple of seconds of watching I started to subconsciously mimic what Alexa was saying and I started to say it in her voice “I got a phone call from my parents” I said in Alexa’s voice. I froze and started to panic and started to think ‘my voice . . . what’s happening to my voice?!’ I felt a sheen of sweat creep across my forehead and got a major headache. I was a little bit wobbly so I ran to the disable toilets, just beside Alexa.

I got in and locked the door. I stumbled to the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. My pupils covered my entire iris. I was a white as a sheet. ‘I’m just hallucinating, if I splash water in my face it’ll stop’ I thought to myself. I turned the taps on just as I heard the bell. But ignored it, this was more important. I put my hands under the water but I couldn’t feel it hitting my hands. ‘It’s the adrenalin’ I thought while I splashed the water on my face. As soon as that happened I felt a sharp shooting pain go through my body.

I collapsed to the floor and started to yell “GYAAAHHAAA!” I screamed curled in a ball on the floor. I closed my eyes in pain for a second or two, and then they shot open. I could feel my body changing, the length of my fingers started to shrink, my nails started get longer, my hair changed colour and began to lengthen. My body was changing and it was so painful, I couldn’t take it. So I closed my eyes and cried while the pain continued.

A few minutes later the pain had stopped, I slowly opened my eyes and stood up. I was a bit shaky from the immense pain, but I had felt better than I had in weeks. I looked in the mirror and was so shocked I couldn’t move. I had turned into Alexa. “Is . . . is that m-” I said suddenly realising that I had Alexa’s voice. I looked at myself. The detail of how much I looked like her was unbelievable. I even got the crack that she had on her left hand index figure. I even acted like she would act. I paused. I knew what power I had. It was the power to copy people perfectly, their voice, the way they act, everything. I am I copy cat.

The End

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