I sat through English as our teacher rattled on about what this class would be like. I already knew...I wasn't a year seven after all...I opened up Word on my laptop (a requirement for this class) and began writing on my latest story. I know, I'm nerdy...I write for the heck of it...so bite me. It was about a guy who wrote his way into another world and got stuck in there in the world of his own creation. How he had to watch and get close to characters who he knew would die.

I was about halfway through with the fifteenth chapter when the teacher's voice came from right over my elbow, "Quite amazing work you've done there Kai, have you ever thought about publishing it?" 

I jumped and nearly bumped into the teacher. "Uh, no Ms. I've not." 

"Well you really should you know...I've not seen such good work from a year 12 before!" 

I shrank in my seat, now the whole class was staring at me...great...I immediately saved and closed it and shut the computer screen. The teacher walked back to the front of the class and I paid attention for the last ten minutes of class. When class was over i immediately packed up my computer and moved out, away from all the other students, some glaring at me with greed, others with nicer looks. I went to my locker, got my stuff for science, then headed immediately for the next class. 

Biology...so long as it is genetics and not anything to do with botany, I quite like it. I was really happy because as soon as we had all been seated we were told that we were going to do a dissection. I wanted to jump around in happiness! i love dissections! I took the provided dissection equipment and immediately got to work, following the instructions in my book. That lasted the better part of the class, and I spent the rest of it recording the results. 

After class I was heading back to my locker when a girl, I think I remembered her name was Alexa, came out of the girls bathroom. She had obviously been crying and I immediately felt concern for her...I don't like it when people are in pain..."Are you ok?" I asked hesitantly, my shyness warring with my wish to be kind.

The End

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