freak show


I finally made it to textiles after pushing my way through a crowd of new year sevens, you could tell they weren't used to the school yet as the went everywhere in packs leaving no room for anyone else to get down the corridor. As I walked into the room my teacher directed me to my new stool, this means another new seating plan, you would of thought at sixteen we could be trusted to find our own seats, I sighed but sat down non the less. I had been put with another group of giggle, gossiping girls, one of the things that annoyed me when we started this class was that it was full of girls there wasn't a single boy taking textiles which I guess didn't really surprise me but it still irritated me, there is only so many times one person can stand to listen to what's going on it everyone's love life. After listening to my teacher go on and on about the importance of our final year, I could tell we were going to get this all day, I got my stuff out and started drawing up some designs for my final project. I was pleasantly lost in my own world when my ears pricked up the girls on my table were talking about nova, this might be interesting, I kept my head down but listened intently to their conversation. “ can you believe nova, did you see her on that stupid surf board this morning” it was Daena talking. Daena thought she was the most amazing thing in the whole school when in fact she's barely average she'd had bleach blonde hair for as long as I had known her but that didn't hide the brown roots poking through at the top, her facial features look to small for her head and she's so skinny she looks like she could brake in the wind. “she's such a show off.” Daena continued, sadly I did have to agree with her “I mean Benson actually stopped looking at me and watched her fly down the corridor” , he was probably just trying to find an excuse not to look at your face, I so wanted to say but instead I just bit my tongue and carried on with my work realising it was just another silly boy conversation that was when someone shouted my name in an alarming fashion. I looked up to find out what was wrong but before my eyes could look at anyone's face I looked back at my paper in horror; it was on fire the last hours work going up in smoke I panicked and smothered the flames with water that was now emerging from my outstretched palm. The whole class was silent but for the noise of water dripping off my desk, at some point during the commotion I had got up onto my feet, I stood back and looked up at the class every single pair of eyes were looking at me I didn't know what to say I just stared blankly I heard Daena whisper to her friend sat next to her “oh my God what a freak show” I just wanted to cry, to breakdown right there on the spot and have the ground swallow me up. Instead I ran towards the door, I didn't even bother to pick up my stuff, as I left I couldn't bare to look at the shocked expressions of my class mates. I burst into the girls toilets, they were empty, I turned to the mirror and stared at my self I had black lines rolling down my pale skin as my make-up ran with the tears from my shocking green eyes, I ran my hand through the mass fiery ginger hair on my head, there isn't anyone in the world who I hate more than myself right now. The bell rung I knew I would be the talk of the entire school before lunch time.

The End

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