I wandered into science and sat in my usual seat at the front and grabbed my books out of my bag, as always it was covered in doodles. Our teacher wasn’t here yet so everyone was wandering round so i sat with Crystal and Sophia for a while “hey,” I said cheerily plonking down next to them. 

“hey, oh my god you will never guess what I heard at Michael’s party last night,” Crystal said glancing around to see who was near “Micah so totally fancies you Nova,”  she smiled mischievously at me.

“oh my god, no way,” Sophia was smiling aswell.

“what? you think that I should get with him?” I asked, too be honest I had thought about it before, he was a nice guy but he had a reputation for using and ditching and anyway what about Zachary.

“go on Nova he’s cute,” Crystal said.

“I dunno,” I said as Mrs Ferro walked in. I wandered back to my seat, same as the rest of the people in the class. I sat down and got out a pen opening my book and writing the date as she loaded up the computer “okay class today, for what we have left of the lesson, sorry for the late start, we will be watching a demo of the dissection we will be doing tomorrow,” she smiled as she opened the register after the boring few minutes of listening to people answering the register we started getting into groups and starting with our experiments. To be honest I wasn’t really concentrating on the experiment even though Science was one of my best lessons. I mean I hadn’t really given it much thought what with Zachery being around and exams every 5 minutes, “I suppose I could give it a go?” I said as Sophia tried to light the Bunsen burner.

“you should it would be awesome, plus that Kai is rather cute,” Crystal blushed.

“oh you so fancy him,” I laughed making her blush even more. Also earning me a slap round the back of the head.

“Calm down over there, calm down,” Mrs Ferro called from the other side of the room to us. We all laughed but settled down eventually.

Finally the bell went and I wandered down to Art with Crystal, Sophia had textiles, we wandered into the class room and got out our equipment and started to sketch and paint “so when are you going to ask him?” Sophia asked.

“no idea, I might just leave it and see if he plucks up the courage to ask me first,” I replied not taking my concentration off the bird I had decided to draw.

“And what if he doesn’t?” she persisted.

“Well then his loss I guess,” I sat back to look at my work, “its crap,” I stated

“don’t be stupid you just need to make the wing a bit bigger,” she said “do you reckon he’ll actually ask you?” she looked at me. I looked back at my work, it had taken me most of the lesson, “I dunno, I guess we’ll just have to see,” I said rubbing out the wing again just as the bell went.

The End

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