I woke up and looked at my watch...7:30...time to get ready for school. I heaved myself out of the mattress in the alley I had made my home and began to get to work. First, my clothes. I closed my eyes and concentrated as my dirty t-shirt changed into a blood-red (skin-tight) one with a black, unzipped hoodie (living on the street gives you great muscles so why not show them?). Next my shorts changed into dark-blue jeans, and my beat up sneakers turned into Converse that matched my jeans. 

After making a black, one-strap backpack and school supplies I made myself a pop-tart and made my way to school. I got there with half and hour to spare, so I went to my locker and stuffed my backpack in it then took out my list of classes. English, Science, English, History, Modern Fiction Appreciation...wow! These are like all my favorite classes! I put the schedule back and went outside to wait for Micah to get here. 

Micah was my best and only friend. He is the only person I have ever trusted with my secrets, like the fact that I live in an alley; or that I have power. The bell was just about to ring when he finally got to school. After exchanging greetings we went back to the lockers, his was right next to mine. Just as the bell rang Nova came flying through on her skate board-turned-hover board. 

"Isn't she cute?" Micah asked as he nudged me.

I smirked, "Yeah, but she's popular...you know how I feel about that."

Micah rolled his eyes, "Some people...never aim high, you know you could even be among them if you wanted to! But no, you're too embarrassed," He mock-complained, "then I could be famous too! And maybe even have a chance with her!" Micah heaved a dramatic sigh and then we headed off for our classes.



The End

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