If at first you don't succeed ...

It wasn't easy being me. Honestly I tried to be involved but people where so, difficult. Liar's, braggart and nasty bullies. Each day was a chore, to avoid them all. A gift with words and a quick retreat I could manage to escape the most harrowing of adolescent trials. Then again, perhaps I'd been watching too much TV.

Life had never been fair. I was dorky, a little to tall int he legs a little to short in the arms. Things hadn't come easy for me. Not like some, not like Nova. A sigh, a moan of disappointment. Why had she died her hair, powers or not she had been the visage of adolescent desire. I shook my head. Thoughts such as these where above my station, sure one day I might grow into my body however until then I'd best look lower. Towards the ground.

If only I had been gifted a power, some mystical strength with which to woo her. Not even a power, what about some biceps and pecs.  I worked hard, visited the gym twice a week, played sports with as much grace as a bow-legged warthog performing the nut cracker. I hated myself more and more each day, my peers were growing and becoming adults while I simply remained an awkward nerd. If only I had been gifted a power.

The End

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