I heard the disturbance behind me, people talking and laughing in an excited manner. So I turned my head just in time to duck as nova, another girl with powers like me, whooshed over my head on her surf board with the scuffs on the bottom where she'd stuffed up her telekinesis and fallen off. I shook my head as she passed over me. Her friend crystal shoved passed me to get to nova's locker she looked thrilled at what her friend had just done.

I finally got to my locker through the crowd that seemed to be gravitating towards nova, it anoyed me how she showed off her powers but I suppose sometimes I wish I was confident enough to do the same. There wasn't meny people who knew about my powers and even fewer had seen me use them, in fact the only reason nova new about them was because when I found out she had powers I took her under my wing, I tried to get he to come and see maddox with me but she wouldn't, she was determined to go it alone.


Maddox is sort of my trainer, he helps out young people who have just discovered their powers, a few of us go and see him once a week, he helps us develop our powers and together we are trying to find the reason behind them. Maddox himself is a metamorphosis he can take the form of any animal, it can be pretty scary at first when you walk in and he's lounging around in his panther form but I'm used to it now. When in his human form he has dark brown eyes that are almost black, a wicked smile and short black hair that's always in perfect spikes on the top of his head, hes twenty-eight with a muscular frame.


I zoned back to the future realising nearly everyone had gone into class. I looked down the corridor to see nova and crystal rushing for science with the rest of the year tens. I flashed a look at my time table it said textiles my mood picked up a little as I dumped all my stuff, apart from my textiles folder and my pencil case, into my locker shut the door and headed off to class.


The End

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