Super - Nova


Hi, well, my name’s Nova and I’m one of many who has this new ‘power’ of sorts. I’m guessing this means nothing to you so I shall have to explain.

Recently people, mostly early teens, have found they have certain ‘powers’. Me, well I have very strong telekinesis and I have the ability to create and manipulate fire. There are 3 other people in my school who also have abilities I know one girl who can manipulate the 3 out of 4 elements, Fire, Water and Air there is a young boy who can run so fast you can’t actually see him the last one is the scarier of the lot, she can control darkness and can make it so that you can’t see anything.

The bad thing about having these powers is the publicity from the media, a lot of people my age know about me and my powers, which is good because no one messes with me or my friends, the other bad part no guy wants to go on a date with you, they don’t like girls who are stronger or more powerful than them.

Ok so now you have the basic idea of what’s going on, I shall start my story. “Nova! . . . Nova!” yelled my mum from downstairs. “uurrrrr no,” I said quietly while rolling over in my bed wrapping myself with the duvet. I heard footsteps quickly running up the stairs, my door whooshed open with a faint bit of wind hitting my face. “Nova, get up now!” mum said in a serious tone. I looked at the clock on the table by the side of my bed. It was 7:03. “muuuum it’s 7:03 and it’s the summer holidays, can’t I stay in bed for a bit?” I asked with a sleepy voice. “Nova dear, it’s the first day of school and it’s not 7:03 it’s 8:03,” mum said in a sweet motherly voice. My eyes widened suddenly, my eyes were a bit blurry at first, but as they cleared I saw my mother crouched next to my bed. My mother has long curly red-ish black hair, like something that's been scorched she also wore a dress with a flowery pattern all over it on and a small waist low apron. If I had to compare her to anything I would say she looked like a classic 1950’s American house wife. Mum moved when she saw my eyes grow big and went towards the door saying “you have 20 minutes, the showers ready and I put your favourite clothes out on your desk”.

I threw the covers on my bed over to reveal me wearing my shorts and a holey T-shirt. I jumped out of bed and yelled “Thanks mum!” as she walked down the stairs. I jogged towards my door and opened it quickly turned to the right and opened the airing cupboard door, its next to my room, and quickly grabbed some towels and put them over my arm. I shut the door to see my little brother, Toby, looking at me. “great look on you, the whole ‘just got out of bed’ look” he laughed I nudged past him and said “shut up you,” and continued towards the shower room. Toby is 5 so I have to be nice to him . . . some times. I looked the shower door, put my towels on the side and took my pyjamas off. I got in the shower to find out the water is freezing cold. “AH!” I yelped  jumping out the shower. I looked at the water proof clock, 8:10; I had to leave at 8:25 to get to my school on time. And I needed a shower, so I grabbed the shower nozzle and heated the metal up, although it drains some of my strength I needed to get a move on, to give me hot water. I quickly washed and got out then wrapped the towel around myself. I picked up my pyjamas, unlocked the door and ran towards my room. I locked my door and chucked my clothes on the floor.

 I quickly dried off but left my hair wet, my hair is red but I'm a natural blonde, when I got my ability to manipulate fire I thought it would be cool to have red hair as well and it suites me better. I threw my towel onto my chair. I grabbed my underwear and put them on, I looked at the clothes my mum put out for me, it was my favourite shirt, a ACDC shirt it was quite tight but was big enough for me to breath fine, a black worn jacket that went well with the shirt, a black skirt that goes just above my knees and different coloured stockings that cover my legs up to my thighs.  When I finished putting these on the clock by the side of my bed read 8:21, I had enough time to have some breakfast with the family. I went downstairs to see my mum finishing up making bacon and eggs for Toby and dad. Toby was wearing red shoes, shorts and a blue shirt. He also has blond hair. My dad was wearing his suit, he’s a CEO of some big company, I don’t really pay much attention and he was reading the daily newspaper. They were both sitting next to each other so I sat down opposite them near where my mum was cooking.

“Here you go Nova, you favourite” mum said while swinging the plate round onto the table “fried eggs and bacon”. I grabbed my knife and fork then started to eat my food quickly. My dad and Toby were eating as well. Our family never talks while were eating. I fished eating at 8:26, so I got up and went towards the front door; on the way I grabbed my bag, it was a trendy side bag, and put on my shoes, they were black canvas, as I opened the door mum yelled “Honey! You forgot your lunch”. the lunch bag rose slightly and shot across the kitchen, then suddenly stopped and came towards my hand. “Thanks mum!” I yelled back “see you later”. I lifted the smooth surf board and took it outside I let go but instead of following the usual laws of gravity it hovered at waist height I looked at it, my telekinesis was so much better than what it had been when I started, I used to get constant nose bleeds from concentrating so much but now it was simple I lowered the board so i could easily step on it adjusting my centre of balance I rose slowly and took off the wind combing through my still damp hair, I followed the straight pavement across my lawn, then when I got to the street I turned right. For most of the journey I fly alone because I live in an estate that no-one from my school does, so it’s pretty lonely. When I arrived at school the time was 8:55 the bell had just gone off and the remaining students were quickly hurrying to the gates I hurried too and made it just before they shut the gate.

Unlike my telekinesis which is strong and I have no problems with, my pyrokinesis is much harder to use, I don’t get to practice to much as its unnecessary and dangerous so it leaves me slightly weaker and tired.

I got into the school and went to my locker, my locker was luckily tall enough to fit my board in so I went there first flying over all the other students. They looked up as I past some laughing and some slightly scared, my eyes caught one person in particular, my best friend, Crystal. Crystal and I have been best friends for a long time and although only I developed powers we stayed friends. She laughed the loudest and pushed through the crowd to meet me at my locker. I landed softly in front of my locker and pulled my keys out of my bag to unlock it. “that had to be the most awesome entrance you have ever made,” a warm friendly voice came from behind me I tuned round and behind me was my best friend Crystal, she was blond and skinny and wore pale colours, today she wore a white cotton top and a long white skirt with tassels that had a wooden bead on the end. All the guys where crazy about her. She laughed slightly as I turned back round to face my locker, “I was late. Thought it was the holidays still,” I slid my board into the locker and pulled out my books for today, my timetable read, Science, art, art, history, history. My best lessons. History became my all time best because not only did I spend most of it talking to Sophia but it meant I could also talk to  Zachary the most amazing guy who ever lived.   

The End

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