The target was talking to a few people in the room. About 5 foot eight, fire capable Eloheim. Everyone else is expendable, just need the target to talk. I took a deep breath and slammed the door down, pegging two people in the head with my pistol. The target raised a sub machine gun and sprayed gunfire. I rolled back behind the door and took cover behind a wall. Ice sprayed through the doorway. My eloheim yelled "he's running!" I burst through the doorway to see a broken window. I sprinted and jumped through the window, to see the target rolling on a rooftop twelve feet below. My feet slapped against the concrete as I rolled. The target jumped of the roof. My fists clenched as I jumped after him, falling twenty feet into traffic. I rolled and got clipped by a car. My body twisted as my controlled roll broke. I stood back up and vaulted a fence of the road to see the target jump onto a moving train. I raised my pistol and fired, hitting his left leg. He screamed as he collapsed, rolling of the train and onto the ground. I sprinted and kicked his gun out of his hand. My Eloheim tackled his Eloheim to the ground. He moaned, "Come on man, what did I ever do to you? Who are you?" I knelt onto his throat and asked "Where have you been hiding everyone the goverment has been trying to track down?"

The man looked at me in pain and asked "You work for them?"

I pressed my knee into his throat. "That doesn't matter. All that matters is how much pain you're willing to endure before you tell me."

"Why would I tell my executioner what I know?"

I took out my knife and dug it into his bullet wound. The man screamed. I yelled "I got all day. Tell me now!"

"I... it's in Jiroham city... northern district, building eight."

I looked at my Eloheim. It nodded, at least he's telling the truth. I stood up and shot him in the forehead. His Eloheim writhered in pain as it slowly died. Sirens finally came in the distance. I put my cellphone to my ear and called the office.

"Hey, this is Saber one, authorization 1532563. I need a cleanup at the railroad tracks, right beside Union bridge. Call of the local authorities, do a sweep for anyone that did any recordings in the area. Also... tell the boss that I found some good information." I looked at the man's corpse. "Really good."

The End

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