Brakker and I glided on the darkening horizon in the shadow of a mountain, it would be impossible for someone to spot is with the naked eye from the ground. Still I felt an unease in the air and was extra cautious. The air whipped against the exposed skin on my face. Long before any of this I enjoyed the comforts of a ready to be deployed soldiers and look upon the life I now lived as Blasphemous and criminal. However I accepted my fate when Brakker had absorbed another Elohiem to save our lives, and I believed that most unholy Elohiem did not necessarily chose to become unholy.

However the government did not see my views and hunted me down with each second, and I couldn't afford to not look over my shoulder.  With each second I plan my next 500 moves before the government has planned their next. I was never going to be caught off guard, but how long can I live like this? Also how many times can I stick my neck out for the injustice that the government has done to its own people?

Those questions I didn't want answered, but I knew one day I will find out and it will lead to the death of me. I breath heavily letting go and glanced at the sinking son seeing the last seconds of the day fade. Now in loose terms I was free to travel where ever I wanted until the sun rose for the morning. Brakker raced forwards as a heavy tail wind picked up.

"Not good conditions to light myself a cigarette." I commented.

"that would be stupid anyways. anyone who is watching could see the light with a military powered lens. Besides I detect a group of powerful eloheim and humans below. It would be better if we fly below the radar tonight."

"You don't say huh? Government agents?bounty hunters? Do you know?" I ask gripping Brakker by his scruff ready to manoeuvre quickly.

"Can't tell they are to far away to see even with my keen eyes."

"Alright we will fly just a bit higher for saftey and avoid the towns below us. Its been a while since we encountered government agents or a bounty hunter."

"Yeah, I can see that your becoming pretty complacent." Brakker says with venom in his voice.

" Perhaps, or maybe its my good planning and the few connections that I have with the black market."

" Still can't believe you trust those scum." Brakker mutters.

"Yeah but is the government any different?"

" At least the government gives you fair warning."

"I wouldn't be so sure especailly now that people are just getting taken in for what appears to be no reason." I reply willing to put up an argument with Brakker seeing I couldn't argue or talk to anything else. Instead he just grunts, and returns his attention to the ground and where we were going. I lay down his back looking at his his  13 foot wingspan of dark green feathers, and elegant markings that run through his fur and feathers. After examining him and marvelling his features, I look to the sky as the lights of the stars seem to be lit by a father comforting a scared son. I give a breath of relief which came only to soon.

"Six eloheim coming straight at us." Brakker voice breaking my small bit of peace.

"Great, just when I was settling down. Guess they found us." I say my voice cheerful. One thing I shouldn't complain about this life is its excitement and how no matter how foolproof a plan can be things can change like the winds on Pravania's tallest mountain.

"They gaining altitude and nearing the range of my fire attack." Brakker says like he was waiting for me to give the firing order.

"Yeah , go ahead but if they break through its going to be relatively close combat. Are these eloheim quicker than you are?"

"Judging by their approach they are faster then my current speed, but I can go much faster if I wanted plus we could slip dimensions for a second and lose them for a while if it comes to being outnumbered. But I could take them out with my physical prowess."

"I would rather not slip dimensions it makes me sick for days and leaves you powerless for days, which is not a good combination, also its not one of your original skills so you don't have a hang of it just yet."  I say.

"Its still in option if worse comes to worse. Anyways this battle begins now." Brakker ends our conversation by doing a roll and making a massive burning ball of fire which only gained mass and heat . Brakker breathed out a ball of black which expanded and pass through us harmlessly before hitting the flames and causing the dense ball of flames that surrounded as to expand rapidly and hit our enemy's in one, two combination dealing a great deal of damage with flames while hitting them physically backwards. At this point Brakker maneuverings quickly through the range of targets as I upholster my twin barrelled pistols and shoot them with the high calibre bullets without missing a single shot. Three of them fell away from the battle dying or already dead.  I hoped they didn't have families waiting for them back at their homes. I put aside the thoughts which I knew would lead me to the questions is why do I deserve to live more then others?

From the right for withdrew from the battle heavily injured from Brakker's attack but that left another five still calpable of dealing damage it was their turn to attack seeing that we were below them. Brakker flew quickly forwards the wind nearly lifting me off his back. Two trail behind us, Brakker comes to a stops and counter attacks with two jets of flame which the two fly through unharmed and  hit Brakker hard giving him deep gashes on his side, we begin to tumble violently to the ground. 

"They have paralysed my wings!" his voice showing clear frustration.

"You think you can break the paralysis?" I ask holding on with all I got.

"Maybe but it would be safer if we split and you use a parachute at the last moment." He said sounds like he was talking through clenched teeth.

"Aight. See ya in a bit, I will see what I can do with these, and a few grenades." I say with smile before jumping  off Brakker as he hurtled chaotically to the ground. I hope we could pull this off, still we've been a few similar situations and always managed to pull through.   I turn around both guns pointed at my two attackers. I pull the triggers quickly both guns muzzles making large flashes across the sky the bullets hitting the eloheim in vital spots causing them to expose their riders.

"All mine." I grin, forgetting that this was strangely to easy. I ready for the finishing blow which never comes as I take a heavy hit from the left from a third eloheim. My body is sent through the air, gasping for air. I let go of my guns instinctively, which was my primary defence as I free fall Looked like this might be the last time, but if that's the case, I mind as well put up one hell of a fight. I open up my jacket revealing a stack of grenades. I regain my breath as the three attackers dive down towards me. I look around for the other two but, I do not manage to see them.  The three meters away from delivery a lethal attack I hurl  two grenades pegging the two already injured attacks unconscious. the third one misses and I grab hold of his foot allowing me to escape the shrapnel from the grenades.

"Get of me, scum" The man spits kicking at me.

"That would be against my motivations." I reply getting a steady grip on his eloheim and manage to give him a good punch to the head before his eloheim rolls to the right quickly sending my back into the air. I look into the air desperately looking for Brakker , and the last two attackers , but only find the night air. I turn around looking below me to Find Brakker fight the last two eloheim , I guess he managed to get movement back in his wings.

"Brakker! Up here!" I shout.  He ignores my call  and hits bites one eloheim, and fighting the other off using the dark expanding substance basically tying up the battle. I fall past him, for a few seconds enjoying the free fall before he catches me in his talons.

"That was close, didn't expect such high numbers."

"Me niether, and they where will suited to fight us, looks like I did get a little complacent. Also we need to make a stope I lost my guns."

The End

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