My boss greeted me and pointed to his office. I walked in and sat into a leather chair. He closed the door and sat behind his desk. He sighed and stated "as the boss, I am obligated to see your performance and assign you to a position that challenges you. However, I haven't seen one yet. So, me and the internal security minister both agree. You are to be, from here on out, our secret. You will take in anyone that has become a threat and, if needed, stage it in such a way that no blame gets pointed at the goverment. Only pick high value targets that our teams can't get. If we put a kill label on a target, don't hesitate. From here on out, you are working alone. The password right now for our computers on all disidents is "1340903453"." 

He passed me a piece of paper with the code. My boss then stated "download everything you need. When you need a new password, ask me." I nodded and asked "why couldn't this wait?"

"The minister wanted to see you and he's a very busy man. Minister, you can come in now."

I looked behind me as the door opened. The minister was very short. He smiled and said "welcome to Saber. You're the first of what we hope to be many." He handed me a badge with a skull on it. Below it, was written:

-Saber 1

-Colonel Archer



The End

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