Nix: Frusterated


The fight was taking to long, and plus Dhur and I were already of breath before this whole thing began, but there was no chance either one of us was backing down now. Trying my best to not mortally wound the soldiers out of fear of getting tracked down by the government. Dhur took a brutal amount of hits from their guns as I run my way through their ranks quickly hitting them with the hilt of my blade shattering their line of defence. However someone was able to react before we could get to him, and to add he was skilled. He was able to get me driving for cover his gun and get him to fight Dhur off as well as the other Elohiem with his own. This guy was skilled, and plus had the advantage seeing that he had a gun.  I bite my lip forgetting my fear and jumping out from cover and speedily. I come up from behind him and get ready to slice him lightly across the back.

Just as my blade went through the air and Dhur was ready to flatten him he gets us with a shock taser  sending us sprawling to ground and rolling away from the seem unable to help Alexis who seemed to be in quite the fix. With sheer determination  fight the pain and the scrambling of my nerves, but it was too late to deal more damage to the government agent who disappeared without harming Alexis at all.

"Dhur what do you think just happened?" I asked not expecting much of an answer.

"I have no idea but something does not quite feel right between those two." He said.

"Aye." I agreed hastily putting the long great broadsword back in it's sheath, It seemed that sword use is very old styled yet compared to a gun yet it was still very efficient alongside Dhur.  By the time I had snapped out my train of though everyone had surrounded themselves around Draniei who was unconscious and was bleeding.  I felt a twinge of guilt. Alexis had done more protecting then I did, and I vowed to protect anyone at any cost! Still there was nothing I could do about it, I suppose I just had to get better.

"Dhur you can leave if you wish." I say softly brushing off dirt on my jacket, quickly I realize two rather important things. One was the family we saved safe? and Two we had just became fugitives, with a probable bounty on our heads.

I hurry to the van where it had crash I followed the footsteps of the family which made it far from the field by the time I caught up to them.

"What are you doing here still?!" The mother cried," They're going to come after all of you two as well? Run while you still can!"  She preaches as her husband summons his Elohiem.

" I would suggest you never stop moving if you want to live." he says as he picks up his children up putting them on the feathered thing," In better circumstances I would thank you. But it seems best if I repay your efforts with advice. I very much hope we meet again however." He finishes before he to jumps onto his Elohiem, and takes off quickly into the horizon.  I walk away happy that our efforts protected that family, still I wonder what they did, and was it worth becoming a fugitive for saving them. I hoped so. When I got back both Draniei and Seraphim laid still unconscious.  I looked at all of them, they must have come to the realization by now we were no longer welcome back home, but may still be in shock or Denial.

"We need to move, and get out of here before the come back." I say breaking into their conversation, and getting there attention.

"What?" Arietta says.

"Our actions just turned us into fugitives. It won't be long now until the police or worse comes to get us. We need to get all of our essentials together quickly, and get out of town, its out only chance. And once we get all the authorities temporarily stumped we can talk over our next move. But now the more we wait the less time we have. " I say as Alexis agree nods immediately. I have a feeling he already knew we had to move but didn't bother saying it. The next part I wasn't comfortable saying because I wasn't exactly used to telling people what do and wasn't comfortable doing so, but it was necessary.

" I will wait here as you three grab your things. As for me and Draniei I will stand guard over him, and must ask one of your quickly grab his things or be nice enough to share clothing, food etc.. As for me I shall quickly gather my essentials afterwards while you run out of town I have faith in my skill that I can catch up." I say. 

"This is Ridiculous!..." Arietta begins to lose her temper, and meets my eyes with a look of contempt.  I didn't really know how to deal with her,but I just hoped she would comply at the moment for her own benefit.

"One other thing which I'm sure each of you already understand is to stay our of sight." I say sitting down as Alexis, Arietta and Xian rise to there legs each heading in their separate ways.

I just hoped we had enough time between now, and when we leave before we are targeted by someone.

The End

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