Archer wasn't best pleased what Alexis had done with his little government toy truck, that much was clear. Feeling kind of smug he stood in the distance from the main heat of the skirmish while Ra'ves got the family into the hidden safety of anonymous residents. Seeing Draniei clutch his ear Alexis presumed that Archer had fired a "warning" shot. How quiant! That wasn't usually  like him. Ra'ves nudged Alexis and he quickly follwed the Eloheim behind the truck just as three shots screeched to a holt in bulletproof glass and solid sheet metal. Thanking his companion Alexis chanced a look over his shield and quickly calculated a route to Archer while the trooper argued with his radio. Dodging from cover to cover the pair quickly covered ground but as he moved again he noticed that Draniei was writhing on the ground with his Eloheim crouched over him and Archer was missing. Barely a second later as Alexis put on a burst of speed he felt a strong arm lock around his neck and the loud static crackle of a shock taser deafened him in one ear. Draniei's struggles stopped and Sephyr dropped like a sack of potatoes. Smugness radiated from the soldier as he holstered the one pistol and drew another placing the point under Alexis' throat.
Looking to the side Alexis' hopes of Ra'ves getting even with Archer were dashed as a fierce Eloheim frogmarched him forward. A chin rested on Alxis' left shoulder and a voice dripping with venom whispered into his ear,
"Do you want to know why I killed your whore of a sister? I wanted you to live with it. Just like I have for the past eighteen years, I wanted you to feel the pain because that's a fate worse than death." The pistol pressed in slightly, "I'll let you live now" he hissed, "But next time I won't" and with that he vanished along with the Eloheim.

After my rage had subsided I ran over to the others who were nursing wounds rubbing sore spots but all the same were gathered around Draniei and Sephyr obviously worried about whether or not they were actually alive or not. Kneeling by Draniei Alexis placed his good ear the lad's chest and struggled to make out the faint heart beat that kept him alive when Ra'ves tapped him on the shoulder. Looking at his silent companion Alexis noted that he had smelling salts in his hand and took the vial from him smiling his thanks. Unstopping the bottle he wafted the pungent chemicals first under Draniei's nose and then Sephyr's hoping that it would work on one if not both of them. That done there was nothing left to do except sit and wait for them to wake up and plot revenge against Archer.

The End

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