Furry and attempted Vengeance

One of the members of the group yelled something about his name being Draniei. I clipped his ear with a warning shot from my pistol and stared intently at the rolled over van. How the hell... he was on transport! We had him locked down! Incompetence, inner security seems to be full of it. Time to wipe clean their mess. I turned towards Alexis and fired three rounds. It wasn't really possible to hit him at this range, but I'll make him fear me. He ducked behind the front of the vehicle as a bulletproof window cracked and bullets shredded on armoured doors. My radio squaked and a voice came through.

"Savanna actual, this is major Strictland. You are hereby ordered to return to base asap... Savanna actual?"

"Major, I have an esc-"

"Let Foreign services deal with it."

"Sir, my team is down, can not let them get the Personal teleporters."

"Denied, they were given none. Follow your orders before I give you a court marshal."

"Understood sir. Savanna out."

My Eloheim had been fighting of most of the group. In the distance, Alexis sprinted from cover to cover towards me. I shook my head and shot Dreniei in the arm. He fell down screaming. I clenched a ball and teleported to Alexis. He moved fast, not fast enough. I grabbed him by the throat and shot his buddy and his eloheim with a shock taser. My eloheim pinned Alexis's. I holstered the shock taser and put my pistol under his throat. I whispered "do you want to know why I killed your sister? I wanted you to live with it. Just like I have for the past eighteen years, I wanted you to feel the pain because that's a fate worse then death. I'll let you live now, but next time I won't." With that, I teleported back to headquarters, hands shaking with fury.

The End

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