Walking with Xian made Alexis' journey a hell of alot longer than he would have liked it to be but was relieved when he saw Draniei and Arietta. Xian started up the conversation and Alexis and Ra'ves breathed a momentary sigh of relief as attention shifted off of them for a while. Sephyr and Elmina chatted pleasently with Xin-su leaving  the two of then to talk amongst themselves for a bit but that was cut short when Alexis heard what faintly sounded like fighting in the distance. Pointing it out Draniei quickly caught it and ran off with Arietta and Alexis tried to make a break but Xian wasn't having it and was soon being dragged along by her and Ra'ves pushed by Xin-su.
As it turned out it was a false alarm, the sound was being made by Nix and Dhur fighting rather aggressively, frustration ebbing from both. Draniei opened his mouth to greet the clansman but his attention snapped to something behind Nix.
"Guys, look!" he pointed and we all were greeted by the sight of government agents rounding up a family. I immediately recognised one of them, Savanna.
While the others ran off in a full frontal charge Alexis looked at Ra'ves and nodded, sneaking round the flanks unnoticed they just made it onto the truck as it sped off. Years of agility training allowed Alexis to grip a handy little foothold on the roof of the truck and pulling a can of mace from his jacket sprayed it full on in the drivers face while Ra'ves tormented the co-driver. The truck quickly lost control and veered into a building toppling onto its side knocking Alexis to the floor and winding him but he stood up grinning evilly as he knocked the driver unconscious while Ra'ves made short work of the back door and the resident guard. I felt Archer's death glare from where he(?) stood before she turned her attention back to the others.
I'll get you back yet Archer, you're day is yet to come for what you did to my family. Alexis thought as the wind gusted his black hair and long coat out to the side making him look very very menacing.

The End

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