"Savanna actual, this is Major Strictland. We have eyes on on a family outside. Only fire if fired upon, take them into custody."

    "Yes sir! Sergeant, you're with me."

    The sergeant looked at me and asked "no perimeter, sir?"

    "No point."

The radio shut of. I sighed and waved my squad forword, while taping my pistol. We surrounded the family almost immediately. The father put his fists up, screaming. I trained my pistol on his face and my eloheim screamed. I yelled "you are under custody. Get down before I put you down!" The father kneeled. I moved to handcuff him when I heard one of my men yelling. I turned around to see a group of young adults running at us. One of my guys pushed the kid back and everyone in the group started fighting.

    I yelled "take care of the family! They're mine."

My squad quickly drawed back, moving the family with them. I ran forwards and flipped one of the kids onto his back while kicking another in the throat. My eloheim took care of their eloheims. I took a few steps backwords and aimed my pistol at the rest of the group. In the backround, my squad fired a few warning shots as they loaded the family into a van. The vans ran of into the distance and a screech of metal was heard. I looked behind me and saw the van crashed into the side of a house and my squad getting mopped up by a few members of the group. Recruits, always so useless. The two on the ground got up and faced me.

The End

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