Arietta - Attack of the Agents

"Guys, look!" Draniei yells and we all turn to see what was up. It was a group of government agents surrounding a family of four. I feel a rush of the wind as Nix runs past me, determination in his eyes.

"Nix!" I yell running after him.

"Don't try and stop me!" He calls over his shoulder. I don't reply. I just keep trying to catch up to him and he's a really fast runner. I'm guessing he works out.

 After a few seconds I finally catch up to him, Elmina following behind. I glance behind me and see everyone else running with us. When we reach the agents they turn to us.

"You are not to get in the way with government business." one of the more muscular men say. "You know the rules now get a move on it!"

"What did this family do to deserve this?" Nix demanded, glaring at each individual agent.

"Like I said, it's none of your business." the agent said. He took a step forward and shoved Nix back. That was all it took to get Nix and his Eloheim to attack. The rest of us followed in suit.

The End

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