Draniei Malachite: People are comming.

I was sitting on the bench, just talking with Arietta, when a couple came walking towards us. I recognized their faces.

"Hey, Alexis and Xian are here."

Arietta turns to look at them, and nods. "Their Eloheim are out."

I nod, then I stand up and walk over.

"Hey, Alexis and Xian."

I notice that Alexis seems immediately uncomfterable with us around.

"Hey," Xian speaks, "you're Draniei right?"

"Yeah, come sit down on the bench with us."

I lead them over to the bench and they sit down with us and their Eloheim join Seraphim Zephyr and Elmina.

Then, I Alexis hears sounds of people fighting in the distance.

"Hey, guys, do you hear that?"

I listen for the sounds, and I do. "Come on, we got to go help!"

Arietta and I run off to the sounds of conflict and Xian tugs on Alexis' arm and they follow us. When we arrive at our destination I see a familiar face.


He was sparring against his Eloheim, Dhur. When he heard me they stopped and turned to look at us. I ran over to them. But then, I saw something horrifying, a group of government agents not to far in the distance were surrounding a small family with their guns drawn and their Eloheim at the ready to attack.

"Guys, look!" I screamed and pointed and Arietta, Alexis, Nix, and Xian all look to where I am pointing. And it is Nix who runs to attack the government agents first.

The End

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