Nix Daedira


I sat on a rock in the middle in the open of field with tall green grass surrounding it meditating not moving a single muscle even when I heard my father's footsteps coming up behind me.

"Nix." I struggle to keep myself one with nature with his strident voice nagging on the verge of my peace,"NIX!" 

I turn my head in irritation," Yes, father?"

"The clan is wondering what you are planning to do with your future."

"They know what I want." I say with a undertone of anger, but to others it would seem I was keeping my temper in check.

"We know that all you want is to protect everyone, but that could be a job in the military in the front lines, or as the village guard. The clan also has its own propositions." He says coolly in response. I violently bring myself to a standing position on the rock giving out loud harsh footsteps that would intimidate the faint of heart.

"I don't trust the clan, not after they let mother die." my voice filled with emotion.

"How many times must I tell you..."

"I don't care! They through her aside with only themselves in mind!" my voice begins to raise.

"Stop acting like a spoiled brat Nix. Your eighteen now. Your a full grown man with talent, and you are part of the Daedira clan in this great nation, and you must split your responsibilities to both  of them. And if you dare turn your back on your clan you will be cut down." He says still keeping his emotionless cool kept expression his sharp violet eyes seemingly pierce my heart.

"I know I mutter." Letting my anger die down knowing I can never beat my dad with emotion," Tell the clan I need to tie up loose ends, and talk to my friends."

"You have one week, and if you still haven't made up your mind I will drag you to the our council with out hesitation." He says coolly before disappearing into the wind with his Elohiem Wind scar one of the most renown wind Elohiems.

I tried to love him but every time I looked at that emotionless face I could only despise him and his love for the 'CLAN'  I couldn't begin to describe my distaste for his devotion towards this arrogant clan that I belong to. Still I didn't hate the clan directly, I loved many of my cousins and distant relatives that belonged to it. I just didn't disagree with the way it operated. I dreamt of changing it since my mother died defending it. I threw the thoughts of both my father and the clan aside, and pick up my blade which I plunged into the soft ground beside the rock and sheath it with ease. I clap my hands and bring my right one to the ground summoning Dhur. Without delay a white smoke burst forth and Dhur's silhouette appeared in the smoke which quickly dissipated. He was 12 foot feline like creature with coloured quite darkly, with red outlines. He had rapier like claws and sharp teeth with a burning fire inside his throats he was mostly feline like but also gave the appearance of a dragon. He specialized in absorbing attacks, but was very proficient in attacking in multiple elements, making him very dangerous to any of my opponents.

"Dhur lets meet up with the others." I say jumping onto his back.

"As you wish. " He says with little emotion.

A little while later with the both of us remaining quiet he finally snaps, " Something troubling you Nix?"

"You should already know Dhur, its father and the bloody stinking clan. You know how it is! They are wanting to know what I want do with my future. I have told them before I want to protect everyone, but they say that is to vague." I say letting my emotion out," Anyways the emotionless bastard gave me a week before he brings me to the  clan counsel. So I'm going to spend my time with everybody and see what we come up with."

" Well thought off. Also sometime this week I want to spar with you once more before you become a full adult."

"Yeah, same here." I say padding his thick hide as I look off into the sun, my voice filled with my hopes, desires, and inspiration.


The End

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