School was out. Hurray(!) Maybe I can get on with my pointless existence on my own now thought Alexis as he walked down the corridor from his class to the outside world for the last time. His Eloheim Ra'ves followed close behind him, more like a shadow than anything. As he stood at the top of the steps feeling the rest of his class run riot past him in a mad bid for freedom he stopped and let himself watch the world go by. He caught sight of hands clasping each other as once hidden romances now could be shared and eloheim began their own bonding. He smiled, No one will want me he thought I'm too much of an outsider to handle
"Hey Alexis" chimed a flutey voice that broke his thoughts and made him stand bolt up right. He heard Ra'ves chuckle and cast him a look of "You can laugh, pot, kettle, black" which quickly shut him up.  Turning around slowly Alexis felt himself come over all shy as he was greeted by Xian. She was beautiful, to say the least. Her Eloheim Xin-su sauntered up to Ra'ves and slid a slender arm through one of his giggling all the time.
"So what you doing?" Xian asked
"Er, I was, er.." Alexis could only stutter. Dammit, why does she do this to me?, " I was waiting for you" he smiled.
"You suck at lying" she laughed as she wrapped herself around him, "But since you offer"
Oh boy! was the simultaneous thought from Alexis and Ra'ves. It was gonna be a long walk home.

The End

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