Arietta Mason - School's Out!

I ran home that day as soon as the school bell rang. I was free. I had finally graduated from school. I open the door and run up to my room. I didn't hear it until I had closed the door and actually began to pay attention to my surroundings. I could hear arguing in my parents room. It began to get louder. Elmina walks over to me.

"I think we should get out of here." she says gently. Elmina is my Eloheim. She is a Ultima Eloheim and looks like a regular human. I nod in agreement and follow her downstairs. When I open the door I jump. Draniei is standing on the porch with his hand raised up as if to knock.

"Draniei!" I exclaim and give him a quick hug. "Wanna go for a walk?" I step back smiling. He shrugs.


The End

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