Aliora the Assassin

I crouch down behind a barrel giving my dagger a little spin as I do and peering around toward my target.  I had been informed a week ago that this man was involved with the rebels and that I needed to take him out before he had the chance to recruit any more than he already had. 

I spin the dagger again and wish that I could just send the knife into his shoulder right now while I had the chance but I knew I couldn't not yet.  It would be too easy and I was up for a little bit of fun.  If I waited and followed him he was sure to lead me to some of his recruits and I'd have a whole collection of trophies to return to my client. 

A sudden breeze brushes against my hair and I know that Gralamin has returned from his scouting mission.  "What did you find out?" I ask the falcon as he lands on my shoulder.

"His Eloheim is a Type-A easily no match for me once my magic is involved.

I nod and motion for him to go take care of the Eloheim.  He won't kill it I know that but he will distract the creature while I dispatch of the man.  I watch for just a moment my Eloheim swoops down from the sky and the cat-like Eloheim of my target jumps after him trying to sink his claws into his feathery breast.

Gralamin and I had fought like this many times during the years we had been stranded on Parada.  It had been a rough childhood but it had prepared me in many ways for this moment.  If it hadn't been for the survival techniques I had developed during that time I would never have made the great soldier or assassin that I am today. 

The man is on the move now, seemingly unaware or unworried that his Eloheim has just left him.  I follow him at a distance watching as he moves through allies and backstreets obviously wanting to keep out of sight.  He stops to talk to people here and there and I make a mental note to myself to return to these locations and get the names of those he talked to.  Those that I work for are always looking for new names of those to interrogate and I'm only too happy to turn in the names of any who could be part of the rebellion.

It was because of this rebellion that I lost my parents so many years ago.  A rebel faction had broken out in the land and had almost succeeded in their call for piece.  My parents refused to give in to the demands for tolerance of the other continents.  They refused to accept that these other lands could ever get along.  They had been sent on the run for their beliefs and had ended up stranded on Parada.

Now I fought desperately for what they had once died for.  They had lost everything because of this rebellion and I had been deprived of a normal Gehennia childhood.  These peace-loving rebels were naïve to think that Gehennia could ever get along with the other continents, we were made for survival and to survive we had to fight.  Visio with it's strange technologies and Baravia with it's mystical religions could never live side by side with the warriors of Gehennia.

Soon the man stops beside a door in the ally way and knocks out a 5 knock pattern on the door.  The door opens and he goes inside.  For just a moment I debate whether to follow him or wait for him to leave.  I hear the flutter of Gral's wings and a moment later he lands on my shoulder.  "I need you to return to base and let the others know what we have found.  I'll need some backup if we're to take all of them tonight.

Gral nods his head and takes to the sky again to relay the message.  As soon as he disappears  I move to the door and repeat the knock that I heard earlier.  The door opens and they allow me to enter without question.  I take up my place on the outskirts of the group, analyzing the faces and filing them away in the vast banks of my memory.  No matter what happens tonight I will remember the faces that I see here and one way or another they will be brought to justice.

The End

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