Rowan: Introduction

"Subjects A, C and D are in intensive care, your squad won't make it." The general tells me.

"No, no they can do it."

I look out the windows of the blimp and see in the battleground below, my squad. A group of eleven recruits that Gija and I had faith in.

"Gija, what do we do? A-19?"

"No, A-19 wouldn't work." Gija, my Eloheim responds.


"No, G-12 won't work either."

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"J-201, Rowan."

"That might work." I smile, "But I have a better idea."

Gija looks at me sideways. Gija is a wispy, floating orb with a face. He is pure energy and is constantly in thought.

"General." I say as I turn about.

"Yes Captain Kerr?"

"Call me Rowan," I say irritated, "Open the emergency hatch."

"Uhh, okay, Captain... err, Rowan."

The General runs over to a lever and pulls it. Then I jump down the hole that is now in the floor. On each of my wrists are high-powered technology bracelets that Gija and I named A.E.R.O. (Aeronautic Effectors Rotate Oxygen). They are an invention of Gija and I, they allow me to control and manipulate air.

So, to slow my descent I create a platform of wind beneath me that slows until I gingerly touch the ground. I pull out the dagger from my side and throw it at one of the enemy robots. Using the wind, I guide it through the robot and then I bring it back. I use this technique for the remaining robots, effectively destroying them. My team comes out from their cover.

"Thanks Rowan." A member of my squad, Gary, says.

"You guys need to get stronger before we put you in the games again and much before we put you into war. You guys have three more months while await deployment into the battlefield." I sigh, "Okay, let's get you guys cleaned up."

We walk into the compound as I relay to them precious strategic information gained from the fight.

"You guys have terrible form and you barely used your Eloheim to do battle. I know, I know, most warriors are careful about sending their Eloheim into battle because if he dies that's it for you. But, he is your best friend and your best weapon. You guys are dismissed."

Gija and I stay as my squad leaves the compound and each goes to their own homes. When I get a phone call.

"Yes, hello?"

"Oh yes, General, yes I'm fine thanks for the call. Yeah, okay, bye."

I hang up the phone and look at Gija, "He was worried I might have died."


As Gija and I are heading home, a man comes up to us. "Are you Captain Rowan Kerr? Strategist for the Visio Government?"

"Yes, I am, and who are you?"

"My name is of no importance. It has come to our attention that you are not satisfied with the way things are run. We are in the business of changing the system. Will you help us, the rebellion?"

I am speechless, but also afraid. Many people have been found out to be part of the rebellion and have been brutally murdered for even attempting to speak against the Council of Elders.

"I will need some time to think."

"You have three days. At that time we will find you, if you have an answer that will determine whether you ever see us again."


Gija and I continue walking down the street with much more to think about than we intended.

The End

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