Welcome To Pravania

Welcome to Pravania a place where all people have a summoned creature that is an emanation of their own soul. Three continents are at war while the fourth is a dangerous wild terrain.

Welcome to Pravania. A world where humans have a special power, the power to summon beasts called Eloheim. On Pravania there are three continents each at perpetual war with one another. Baravia, Gehennia, and Visio. Each continent has a specific association. Baravia is the continent of magic, Gehennia is the continent of warriors, and Visio is the continent of technology.

In addition to the three inhabited continents above there is a fourth continent called Parada which is essentially a natural reserve, however it is dangerous to live there as fierce monsters live there.

The Eloheim are separated into five different categories.

Type-A Eloheim: They have strong attacking power and are at the forefront of the war.
Type-D Eloheim: Have defensive and healing abilities and are usually at the sidelines of the war or back home healing the sick.
Type-I Eloheim: Are endowed with great intellectual ability and are usually developing weapons for the wars, developing technology for the country, or finding strategies against the enemy.
Type-M Eloheim: Contain a magical ability, they are used for espionage missions in other counties.
Type-H Eloheim: Defy categorization as they have a mix of attack, healing, intelligence and magic in any fashion.

In addition to the the five different categories of Eloheim there are also Type-Z Eloheim, but we will get to them.

Each human has one Eloheim, and they get their Eloheim at their first birthday. The Eloheim is an emmanation of the heart of the summoner. Each Eloheim has a sigil that is required for the summoning process, which will be revealed to the summoner on their first birthday and tattooed at some place on their body. An Eloheim may remain in the physical world for any period of time, it is up to the summoner whether they want the Eloheim to be summoned or unsummoned. If the Eloheim dies, then the summoner dies and likewise if a summoner dies, the Eloheim also dies.

Other than standard training the only way to increase or change the attributes of your Eloheim is a forbidden technique known as Soul Absorption, it is when an Eloheim devours another Eloheim. Any Eloheim that practices Soul Absorption is categorized as an Type-Z Eloheim and once found out by the government, they will be hunted down. When an Eloheim practices Soul Absorption he gains all the abilities of the devoured Eloheim in addition to those they already have.

Many of the strongest generals in the armies and those high up in politics have Type-Z Eloheim.

In regards to society all systems of government are Monarchy.

Each continent has monsters spontaneously created every so often. It happens so often that it's part of regular life.

In addition to all of the above, there has been rebellion from the peace seeking groups who desire peace between the nations. Being a member of any of these rebel groups is strictly illegal and will be punished.

As I said earlier, welcome to Pravania, enjoy your stay.

The End

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